2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Gadgets And Presents For Alcohol Lovers

Next in our 2015 Christmas Gift Guide series are some special and innovative gadgets and tools for all the alcohol lovers out there.

You’ll find many cool things, from glasses, bottle holders and openers to ways for making booze in your home.

Check out this list of 21 Gadgets And Presents For Alcohol Lovers

1 – Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder balances the bottle.

This wine bottle holder looks much different than others. It gives an illusion like the bottle is floating in mid-air. It has a chromed iron construction, and the white rope is pulled over it. Lasso Wine Bottle Holder can fit all standard wine bottle sizes and you can place it anywhere. It’s perfect for wine lovers and will amaze anyone who sees it.

BUY | $7

2 – Menu Champagne Sabre

Menu Champagne Sabre

Menu Champagne Sabre saves time and opens the bottle in an interesting way.

Here’s a great gift for opening champagne. This Champagne Sabre breaks the entire neck of the bottle away, leaving only the base. It’s made of polished, stainless steel flamboyance and looks very simple. It’s safe, not one piece of glass will get inside of the bottle and it won’t get sharp. This champagne opener will save you time, and you’ll do it extravagantly.

BUY | $149

3 – Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Before drinking wine, it’s very important for it to reach the perfect temperature. The Corkcicle Wine Chiller looks like a stick you place inside the bottle. It’s made from stainless steel and contains freezing gel that can keep the wine chill for up to an hour. It’s kept in the freezer when you’re not using it, and when you are, the wine will immediately aerate. Pretty cool, right?

BUY | $14

4 – The Complete Beer Course

The Complete Beer Course

This book covers many beer topics.

The full name of this book is The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes. Just like the name says, it’s perfect for any beer geek that wants to learn more about it. This 320-page beer guide covers many topics like beer history, typical brewing styles, beer types and even what kind of beer goes well with what food.

BUY | $12.95

5 – Mini Beer Pong

Mini Beer Pong

Mini Beer Pong will make parties more interesting.

Mini Beer Pong is for everyone who likes drinking games, and of course, beer. It’s made to prevent spilling beer all over it and since it’s small, it can be played everywhere. This beer pong comes with plastic cups, ping pong balls, a playing mat and a rulebook. It’s fun and simple, great for parties and hanging out with friends.

BUY | $80

6 – Blomus Wine Bottle Holder

Blomus Wine Bottle Holder

An elegant way to display your wine collection.

This elegant wall-mounted wine bottle holder is highly practical and saves space. It’s made of high quality brushed-finish stainless steel and holds up to eight bottles at a time. The bottles are placed sideways looking like they are defying gravity. But don’t worry, they are completely secured, so you can display your most expensive and vintage wines.

BUY | $66

7 – Yukiss Whiskey Stones

Yukiss Whiskey Stones

Yukiss Whiskey Stones don’t melt and water down your drink.

This set of reusable chilling stones will make your drink look really cool. They’re made of high grade pure stainless steel, and probably the best thing about them is that they won’t melt in your drink and dilute it. The stones are filled with a special crystal that makes them cold. They won’t rust or corrode, and have some natural antibacterial properties.

BUY | $36

8 – Vinotage Pro Wine Aerator

Vinotage Pro Wine Aerator

Vinotage Pro Wine Aerator will bring flavor to your drink.

Anyone who likes red wine will appreciate having this useful thing. Vinotage Pro Wine Aerator will completely oxygenate red wine and bring out the flavor. Every time you use it, you get triple the oxygen than with any other aerator. It’s designed to prevent overflows, dripping and splashing and it’s even dishwasher safe. With it, any wine will get tastier and more enjoyable.

BUY | $28

9 – Hip Flask

Hip Flask Bush Smarts

Hip Flask is very lightweight and practical.

With this Hip Flask you can bring your favorite drink with you wherever you go. It’s made of durable high-density thermoplastic and it’s extremely lightweight. It’s very easy to wear. It has a leather fob so it can be attached on a belt or a belt strap. Hip Flask won’t frost your lips when it’s cold outside and you can get it in three different colors. A perfect gift for any outgoing person.

BUY | $26

10 – Winestein Mug

Winestein Mug

This double-walled glass will kee the drink cold for a long time.

This mug is really cool. It’s a beer mug, with a wine glass inside it. It has a double-walled glass and will keep your drink cold for a long time. The handle is big enough to make holding it more comfortable. It’s dishwasher safe and can hold approximately 12 oz. Winestein Mug is simple looking and aesthetically pleasing and you can get if for anyone who likes beer and/or wine.

BUY | $12

11 – Corkcicle Decapitator

Corkcicle Decapitator

Corkcicle Decapitator opens all sort of bottle caps.

Corkcicle Decapitator is a handy device that will help you open a bottle of your favorite drink. It removes twist-off caps, glass stoppers and regular bottle corks. It’s very simple to use, just push it downwards and remove the cork in a blink of an eye. It has a small magnet that will hold the bottle cap until you want to dispose it. It’s very innovative, simple and safe to use.

BUY | $19.95

12 – The Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge preserves the whiskey flavor.

Everyone knows that when you put ice cubes in your drink, they will melt, water down the drink and change its flavor. And when you’re drinking whiskey, that’s the last thing you need. Here’s one more great innovation that will keep the true taste of whiskey. The Whiskey Wedge is a double old-fashioned whiskey glass. It has a silicone mold that you insert, pour down water and freeze it. The ice will form in the shape of the mold and melt very slowly, so you can enjoy the unique taste of your drink.

BUY | $22.95

13 – Mira Beer Growler

Mira Beer Growler

Mira Beer Growler keeps beer cold and prevents it from losing quality.

If you like to carry your own beer and don’t want it to lose its quality, a good beer growler is a must have. Mira Beer Growler is vacuum insulated, BPA free and made of high-quality stainless steel. It has a wide mouth that makes it easier to fill and drink from it. This beer growler can fit 64oz and the best part, it will keep the beer cold for 24 hours. Very impressive.

BUY | $29.99

14 – Stainless Steel Alcohol/Moonshine Still

Stainless Steel Alcohol/Moonshine Still

This will enable you to make your own booze at home.

Here’s something perfect for making your own booze. This stainless steel still requires no running water. It comes with instructions on how to use it, and they are very simple. The Stainless Steel Alcohol/Moonshine Still has a ½ gallon capacity and yields 7-12 ounces of hard alcohol. Not to forget, it’s also completely safe. With it, you’ll be making drinks in your home with no hassle.

BUY | $249.99

15 – Monti-Birra Beer Glasses

 Monti-Birra Beer Glasses

An elegant looking set of beer glasses.

With these appealing Monti-Birra Beer Glasses, you’ll serve beer with style. They come in a set of two and are fully hand blown from lead-free crystal glass. Each glass has a capacity of 12 oz. The designer is famous in making great glass designs and this is his first glass with the flat bottom. It’s made that way so the bottom prevents stirring and shaking of beer.

BUY | $55

16 – Watermelon Tap Kit

Watermelon Tap Kit

A fun way to pour a drink.

Watermelon Tap Kit is great for any party or get-together. It will make pouring drinks look much cooler. Just hollow out the watermelon, make a hole for the tap and pour in the drink you wish. The kit includes a keg tap, stainless steel coring tool, and instructions on the easiest way to do it. It can be also used on pumpkins.

BUY | $19.99

17 – Our/Vodka


The ingredients in this vodka are locally sourced.

Our/Vodka is a product of micro-distilleries based in three towns- Berlin, Detroit and Seattle. All use the same recipe but the ingredients they use are locally sourced. This way, each one adds something unique to it. This high-quality vodka comes in small simple bottles, making it a perfect gift.

BUY | see link

18 – Beer Making Kit

Beer Making Kit

This kit contains everything you need for making beer.

Brooklyn Brewshop created a great kit for all those who want to make their own beer. It has everything you need- hops, grain and yeast, a 1-gallon glass fermenter, chambered airlock and a glass thermometer. It’s perfect for home conditions and you’ll have a great time doing it.

BUY | $39.99

19 – Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

The famous Mason Jar is now made for shaking cocktails.

Inspired by the Mason Jar, two guys from Virginia decided to make a cocktail shaker. This unique four-piece shaker is made both for professionals and amateurs. It has a capacity of 32 oz and is made from glass and quality stainless steel. It’s the perfect tool to get the job done. It’s big enough to give it a good shake and strong enough not to leak.

BUY | $16

20 – Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

An alternative to the classic cognac glass.

The designer Rikke Hagen came up with a pretty great solution to classic cognac glasses. He removed the stem and added a short spire. If you think the glass can’t be placed on a table, you’re wrong. This Cognac Glass gently sways and looks great doing it. It’s also very pleasant to hold in hand.

BUY | $66 (set of 4)

21 – Skull Shaped Ice Cube Mold

Skull Shaped Ice Cube Mold

These ice cubes will “chill your ice to the bone”.

To give your drink a twist, check out this Skull Shaped Ice Cube Mold. Just fill the mold with water, freeze it, and when you want to use it, separate the mold into two pieces. The best thing besides its looks is it won’t melt as quickly as normal ice cubes.

BUY | $15.95

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