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Smart devices are taking over every possible market, and it’s the same story with smart speakers. The Sonos 2 Room Starter Set is a smart speaker system that allows you to enjoy the same music in two different rooms around the house so you don’t have to miss out on anything when you have to get something from another room or run an errand. Of course, you can also stream different music on each speaker. What’s best of all, you can control the system via a simple app.

The Sonos 2 Room Starter System includes 2 wireless PLAY:1 speakers that will fill your house with amazingly clear Hi-Fi sound. The speakers feature a compact and elegant design that can easily be incorporated into any surrounding. It features a white finish with light metallic grille; or black finish with graphite grille. This smart speaker system is very versatile as it can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer. A feature you’re really going to love is the humidity resistance so you can take your speaker with you even when you’re taking a shower.

Sonos 2 Room Starter Set speakers on a white background.

The Sonos 2 Room Starter Set includes 2 wireless PLAY:1 speakers that you can control with a simple app

The Sonos 2 System includes 2 Sonos PLAY:1 speakers, a power cord, flat Ethernet cable, Quick Start Guide and Warranty information. As for the speakers themselves, the on-top controls include a volume control button and play/pause button. The lights on the top panel indicate component and mute status. The audio quality is enhanced with two class-D digital amplifiers and one tweeter that creates an accurate high-frequency response. As for the reproduction of mid-range frequencies important for accurate playback and bass, there’s also one mid-woofer.

Sonos speaker on a wooden chest with a sofa and books and cds in the background.

You can place the speakers in different rooms and have them play the same music around the house or you can play different songs in each room

If you want to create a surround sound system for a deeper sound or for your home theater, you can do so by placing the speakers at different corners of the room. The Sonos 2 Room Starter Set works with music services such as Pandora, Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud and supports multiple audio formats. The system also supports internet radio streaming. The available playback modes are crossfade, shuffle and repeat. The system can connect to your home Wi-Fi or it can work on Sonos Net wireless network.

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Sonos speaker on a pile of books with a sofa in the background.

This smart speaker system offers high-quality sound at any volume and the speakers feature a sleek design that will fit in into any surrounding

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