1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger With Smart IC Chip


1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger will make sure all your portable devices are charged quickly and efficiently. It’s made from top-grade aluminum alloy, has safety protection features and a very compact design.

This car charger has a maximum output of DC 5V 7.2A. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android Smartphone, GPS, Pads and other digital devices with 5V input. The special feature is an IC Chip that makes sure the compatibility and charging speed are at the very best and can reach up to 2.4 Amp.

Red 1Byone 7.2A / 36W 3-Port USB Car Charger Charging Three Smartphones

1Byone 7.2A / 36W 3-Port USB Car Charger has a smart IC Chip for maximized efficiency.

Safety features will protect your device from overheating, over-currents, overcharging and short circuit. If there’s any danger, it will automatically stop charging. It will do the same when the battery is full. 1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger has a blue LED indicator to tell you when it’s ready to use that won’t distract you while driving.

Smartphone Being Charged With 1Byone 7.2A / 36W 3-Port USB Car Charger In The Car

This car charger has safety features that will protect your device while charging.

Having three ports is especially useful when you’re not driving alone, so your friends or kids can charge their devices as well. Each port is nicely labeled and as for the size, with 1.46 x 2.56 x 0.91 inches you can easily carry it and place anywhere in the car. To use it, all you have to do is start the car, insert the car charger and connect your devices. 1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger comes in four colors- black, red, gold and silver.

Four Colors Of 1Byone 7.2A / 36W 3-Port USB Car Charger

Four colors of 1Byone 7.2A / 36W 3-Port USB Car Charger.

There’s a special price available from 03/16/2016 12:01 AM PDT until 03/23/2016 12:01 AM PDT using the following coupon code: VGMAQAK8. This discount is only for red and black chargers and with it you’ll save $3.00 ($5.99 instead of the regular $8.99).

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