As the old saying goes, “It’s 5:00 somewhere”, which means it’s as good time as ever to gulp down some tasty liquor, kick off your shoes and let your hair down a bit. But if you need any extra assurance, permission or even encouragement to put your mind at peace and prompt you to go and indulge yourself with a refreshing cup of the good old brewskie, you might as well get yourself the 11+ World Desk Clock and check the world map for the exact location of your 5 o’clock drink.

11+ World Clock

Designed by the Korean design company 11+, World Clock is a minimalist cylindrical timepiece with a polycarbonate case, rolling mechanism and independently operating hands that shows the accurate hours and minutes in all of the world’s 24 time zones. Thanks to its ingenious design and engineering, 11+ World Clock can tell the time in a number of international capitals worldwide (the names of the cities are conveniently inscribed all along the clock’s round shell), after which the responsive hands will immediately return to the exact local time in your city.

Multi city world clock

Measuring 2.35 inches in height and 3.35 inches in diameter, World Clock is powered by a regular 1.5V AA battery and weighs an inconspicuous 144 grams so you can take it along on your travels and roamings across the globe as your new worldwide timekeeping companion. Available in three different colors (midnight blue, modern gray and orange passion), 11+ World Clock is a perfect gift for avid travelers or timepiece collectors, and it is also a cool present for anyone with wanderlust, love of horology and adventurous spirit. Don’t wait too long – time is running out across the world, so grab your new World Clock before it’s time for another drink! [via]

Multi city World Clock

11+ World Clock

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