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Magritt Foldaway Dining Set | By Urban Outfitters


With smaller living space, you have to get creative with the reorganization. This means choose your furniture carefully. Lately, we’ve seen the rise of foldable furniture designed to be super compact. Just check out this Ikea’s tiny bedroom challenge and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Now, we have a nice solution for your dining area – a simple looking but extremely useful Magritt Foldaway Dining Set from Urban Outfitters. This dining set is a solution to …

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Duffy London Abyss Horizon Table

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Duffy London Abyss Horizon Table is a new addition to an ocean-inspired collection. We’ve seen the fantastic Abyss design before but now it comes in a circular shape, emphasizing the depths of the ocean. While being very functional as a coffee table, Abyss Horizon is for sure a conversation piece. It’s an item that will attract the attention of anyone walking in the room. Altogether, it took a year to finalize the looks of the table. The design team …

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WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table | Convertible Table


Among the selection of power tools that a man should own, there is another product from WORX that is a must have. That accessory is a decent working table so that you can complete your projects in ease. That table is the WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table. Convertible and easy to use with quick clamps, the WORX Pegasus ensures that you have an optimal working space. The Pegasus isn’t just a work table though, within seconds, you can …

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LapPad V2 Portable Laptop Table


Functional, stylish and professional is what comes to mind with the latest LapPad V2 Portable Desk. Proudly made in Canada, you can be sure to expect a product that is not only built for sustainability but with uniquity and a supreme level of quality as well. Manufactured only from the best Canadian-manufactured Poplar, the LapPad V2 is strong and light while the integrated handle allows for ultimate portability whilst on your travels. Measuring in at …

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Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table


Growing your own food and herbs has a lot of benefits. It can save you money, you’ll avoid pesticides and get healthy organic food. Also, gardening can be very relaxing and if you’re a passionate cook, you’ll always have fresh herbs at hand. Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table is a great thing that will make gardening easy and fun. This garden table is made from natural aging wood and it’s 35 inches tall. This is the …

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Be-elastic Snap Legs | Creates A Table Out Of Any Flat Surface


We’ve all been in a situation where we have guests over but not enough room for an extra table, so everything gets crowded and messy. If you ever experienced something like that, then you’re really going to like this new, simple but cutting-edge product. We present you SNAP Legs by Be-Elastic. With these clip-on legs, you can make a table from any flat surface in your home in a matter of seconds. These Snap legs …

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Wave City Coffee Table | Inspired By The Movie ‘Inception’


If you like interesting furniture designs or you’re into movie collectibles, make sure to check out this awesome coffee table. The Wave City Cofee Table was inspired by the Academy Award-winning movie Inception, and if you’ve seen it, you definitely remember the city bending scene. The movie is all about altering and controlling the mind, and just like this design, defying gravity. The designer Stelios Mousarris has his own company that makes high-quality furniture pieces that …

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LapPad | Mobile Workstation For Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets


One of the great things about laptops, apart from their compact size, is their flexibility and portability. You can work on a laptop from home, out of the office, at a different desk, in public transportation, outdoors, at a coffee shop… Wherever you are, your laptop follows. The only annoying thing is when you have to balance it on your lap while holding a cup of coffee in one hand and trying to have a …

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There is no reason in the world not to feel like at home when out camping, but in order to reinforce that feeling, you have to be equipped with the right gear. The Helinox Swivel Chair and Table will definitely be useful if you want to turn your campsite into something that resembles a cozy living room. Both the chair and the table were sturdily built and have a few pretty useful features, which will help …

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If you just can’t seem to find the right spot to store your precious liquor without risking to make a way too pretentious first impression on your houseguests or co-workers but still can’t afford a full-scale wine cellar just now, we may have just the right thing for you: with CB2 Elixir Mini Bar, your favorite drinks will stay safe, concealed and yet close at hand for those precious moments when all you need is …

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