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Do you feel like your hallway has gotten narrower this winter and has become overly crammed because of all the shoes, umbrellas, coats and other outdoor must-bringalongs? Well, you’ll probably right – we all tend to hoard our halls with various bits and ends to go, and sometimes not even a thorough spring cleaning can solve the pressing problem with lobby storage space and needless clutter we pack there. Don’t worry, we may have just …

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You need not live in a tiny flat to experience a pressing need for extra storage space now and again. Humans are hoarders by nature and most people tend to hold onto semi-broken, unnecessary or downright unusable stuff for years on end. That’s the most common cause of all storage woes even for owners of decently sized flats – sooner or later, all that accumulated junk and unused stuff is going to come down crashing …

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It seems that battling with a lack of space in your home is a never ending activity. Searching for the best storage ideas never gets old and as soon as we find something that might benefit you in this area, we are eager to write about it. This time around, we are bringing you Snow Peak’s stackable shelf and container which can be equally used indoor and outdoor. Snow Peak has designed a storage box …

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Here’s one of those brilliantly simple space-saving ideas for urban dwellers who also happen to have a green thumb or are struggling to find enough room for their books. The product is called Fire Escape Shelf and it is designed by Chiasso. The shelf resembles one of the most classic elements of an urban landscape – a fire escape. This wall-mounted shelf is practical, cleverly made and hey, placing things on it does not break …

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Fusillo Bookshelf by London-Based AndViceVersa

Here’s another brilliant space saving option for your home – Fusillo Bookshelf, designed by London-based firm AndViceVersa and handcrafted in Italy. AndViceVersa design studio focuses on creating products that relate to space, movement graphics and communication. This multi-practical and multi-functional shelf is made of modular elements and can also be used as a bike rack, a coat hook, and a bookshelf. This is anything but a static shelf. At first, the Fusillo Bookshelf appears to …

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Words are omnipresent and they often define us in the eyes of other people as well as help us express ourselves. But they are no longer only audio material. With ANITA shelves by Quattria, words have become a very useful design features. Whether you have a catchphrase that you often use, or you like to see your name, or the names of your loved ones around, Anita shelves give you the opportunity to incorporate these …

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OpenBook Armchair by British Design Studio TILT

An armchair, a bookshelf, a magazine rack, and a coffee table all rolled into one. We are talking about the OpenBook armchair, created by British design studio Tilt. The story how the OpenBook came about is quite an interesting one. Originally created for the Grade II listed buildings where any sort of intervention on the building’s structure was forbidden, including putting up a simple bookcase, the OpenBook was the perfect and utterly multi-functional solution. OpenBook …

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Metamorphosis Bookshelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Bookshelves are usually in the form of simple planks supporting books and the whole picture together seems like a stack. Well, not with artist Sebastian Errazuriz. His extraordinary idea was inspired by the thick ivy that he used to place his childhood garden toys on, and the result of that inspiration was this work of art called Metamorphosis. It is a Baltic birch plywood furniture piece that was hand carved into an unconventional bookshelf. The …

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Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf, designed by German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, is a shelving system that will adapt the way you want it to. If your book storing requirements change, so does this ingenious shelf. It is made of six 4 mm-thick sheets of wood that are held securely at each end by stainless steel sleeves to provide a functional yet atypical, adjustable and very fluid shelving system. The sheets can be lifted to create space …

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Designer Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw has come up with a novel multifunctional concept of storing books and bicycles – the Wooden Bicycle and Book Shelf which, obviously, combines the two to give a rather elegant way to manage your bike while storing books. The Bike Shelf comes in solid walnut or ash, and it is suspended by a steel rod mount. It is effortlessly installed into wall studs, only leaving screw holes when …

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