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Bivy Adventure App | Track Your Adventures


There’s nothing like going on an adventure, and feeling the spirit of excitement in every step. From hiking, to kayaking, to rock climbing, and a variety of others here. Now, there’s an app that allows you to find adventures from other likeminded individuals, or even track your own. Enter the adventurous world of the Bivy Adventure App. Bivy is an application for iPhone that supports 16 different types of adventurous activities. It also allows you …

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Culturebase | Re:Imagine Your World


We all know that traveling, or moving to a new city, can be an amazing experience. However, it can also be an exceptionally overwhelming experience. At times, we struggle to connect with like-minded individuals, or sometimes we even find difficulty in our quest to find a job. So, why not use technology to overcome this problem. With almost every household in the developed world owning a smartphone, a new application called Culturebase holds the answer …

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Gest Glove | Wearable Device Allows You To Control Your PC Or Mobile Device

from $99|

The future is here, and it’s pretty obvious recently. We have so many inventions that were once only featured in Sci-Fi movies, and the one we’ll talk about today is just like that. Gest Gloves are going to give you the possibility to control your PC without an actual keyboard or mouse, just by clicking your fingers in mid-air. Check out what they’re like… Just imagine: you’re sitting at your computer, and just by moving …

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Take a look at Beam, a smart projector which can help you turn any flat surface into a screen by screwing it in a light socket. Developed by Beam Labs, Inc., this smart projector can help you with your day-to-day activities and is easily controlled with your tablet or smartphone. Simply screw it in light socket and enjoy the benefits of having a well-designed and compact smart projector. What are the benefits of owning this …

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The latest addition to the expanding list of smart household appliances is the iKettle by a company called Smarter. Get excited about this one, because if you hate groggy mornings, this neat little kettle will help you overcome them. The iKettle is the first Wifi kettle in the world and it allows you remote control over it with your smartphone. Before, you had to rush out of bed to turn on your kettle so you can have your …

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If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then you should probably think twice before messing with a smartpen; especially with one not unlike the Equil Smartpen 2. Although not the freshest of ideas when it comes to the trend of having a “smart” version of most of your household appliances and other items you use every day, this smartpen has a lot to offer. Whether you are extremely enthusiastic about these type of gadgets …

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AirZolo is an app which adds a whole new meaning to social networking. If traveling is a way for you to meet new people and expand views, then AirZolo is a must. It actually allows you to connect with other people who are in the same place at the same time be it a flight, or a location. First you need to set up a profile. There are two, already familiar, ways to connect – …

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It seems that hardly a day can go by without some major innovation on the growing smartwatch market. Samsung, LG, Motorola, Apple, Sony and the rest of the hi-tech crew have already released or at least announced their versions of the increasingly popular smartphone extra; now, world-famous watch manufacturer Casio has decided it’s time it presented its take on the hip smartwatch design. Meet G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400, the first Casio watch that can easily pair …

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Wouldn’t it be clever to have a single receiver that can stream and control the playback from virtually any source device? Well, such a smart music receiver has actually already been invented and brought to market by a UK-based innovative audio tech company Auris and it’s called Skye. Thanks to the most advanced wireless technology used in the little Wi-Fi audio receiver, the Skye can stream your favorite songs from a wide variety of sources, …

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