Walt Whitman’s Guide to Manly Health and Training


You might not know this, but American poet Walt Whitman did a series of 13 newspaper columns back in 1858. This may not seem like a big deal until you find out they were about manly health and training. The columns were discovered recently, after 150 years and are now available to read in this awesome …

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5 Portable Backpacking and Camping Stoves

Lovers of outdoor adventures sometimes have it hard to choose the appropriate gear for their next outing. When it comes to cooking, it’s crucial to find something compact that can be packed into a backpack and easy to carry. Of course, there’s the performance issue. Your stove should be powerful enough to boil water in …

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Comano Villa In Switzerland

Located on the hills of Lugano, a Swiss city, stands Comano Villa. It has an amazing view of the Lugano Lake and the mountains of high Capriasca. Since the house looks at the lake, the idea was to create a lot of windows and allow the residents to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas. There were many options …

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7 Dress and Casual Chukka Boots

Warmer weather is here and if you’re thinking of getting new items for your closet, why not start with boots? We love chukka boots! They are casual, comfortable and can match with pretty much anything you decide to wear. Here’s a list of 7 dress and casual chukka boots to check out: 1 – The Hobe Chukka …

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9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Amazon

If you’ve been reading jebiga this week, you noticed we did two specials for Mother’s Day, bein particular lists with gift ideas. Since the day is getting closer and there are plenty of ideas hiding up our sleeve, we present you the last one in the series. This time, all gifts are available on Amazon. So, let us …

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ChefsTalk Knife | Made From 60 Layers of Damascus Steel

125+ euros

Today we’re talking about a Kickstarter project now being funded that will be interesting to both cooking enthusiasts and cooking professionals. It’s a ChefsTalk Knife crafted by Germancut. Creating a perfect chef’s knife is hard. You need to make it from the highest quality materials and create it with both function and design in mind. Luckily, these folks …

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6 Minimalistic Wallets For The Modern Man

Minimalist wallets are the best. They allow you to slim down the items you usually wear while being perfectly functional and compact. In this list, you’ll find both tactical and elegant wallets for all occasions. It’s time to ditch the one that takes too much space and explore this slim everyday carry. 1 – Dango Tactical Wallet …

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Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent


Those of you who were thinking of embarking on a road trip but want to do it in style, we share something new that will be of use – the Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent. Just like the name says, this is a roof tent for your Mini Countryman that will allow you to sleep five feet above …

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7 Poke Bowl Restaurants to Try in the United States

Think you’re up with the latest food trends? If so, you may have heard of the poke bowl then? Remember when everyone was raving over falafels, or how about take away gourmet salads with quinoa and dried super fruits. All of these food trends had one thing in common and that was, they were all …

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Huckberry (Part 2)

from $15

If you checked our previous list with suggestions for Mother’s Day and didn’t find the perfect gift, we decided to expand our guide and offer you a few more ideas. Below you’ll find interesting and unique ideas available on Huckberry. Check them out! 1 – Small Leaf Earrings In the last list, we featured a …

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