Blackmagic Design | DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel


If you are working in the cinematography business, chances are that you are familiar with the DaVinci Resolve software. This software is used to give life to exotic locations, and even entire worlds, that are produced within Hollywood’s film studios. Of course, it can function as a standalone software, but having a hardware control panel makes it so much easier. Introducing the DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel. Of course, a large portion of giving life to …

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BRNLY SlingPop


If you think back to your childhood years, we can guarantee that you were outside exploring the world around you. You also got up to various forms of mischief for entertainment. Of course, as a source of hours of endless fun and the occasional broken window, you always had a slingshot in your arsenal. However, we have aged, and we have left much behind, including that beloved slingshot. If you were looking to rekindling the …

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Soludos Slip-ons


Let us celebrate warmer weather and start preparing for the summer. What’s better than wearing a lightweight, sock-free shoes like the Soludos we’re about to introduce. These stylish shoes were inspired by the espadrilles, worn in the Pyrenees and along the Mediterranean. Originally, they were imagined as flexible and highly breathable footwear that is also affordable. The same philosophy is applied here with the Soludos. They are cool, casual and celebrate the spirit of summer. Soludos come in several models, …

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VSSL Compact Camp Flask


If you know VSSL, then you know they have some of the best survival gear. What their items have in common is that they are easily packable. Today, we are introducing you to the VSSL Compact Camp Flask, a perfect way to carry your beverages into the wilderness. The flask is spill proof and can hold 10 oz of your favorite booze. The best part is that it’s multifunctional so besides using it as a flask, you …

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The BeoSound Shape From Bang & Olufsen


When we write about Bang & Olufsen, you know you’re in for a treat. Their speakers are simply said amazing and made for true music lovers. Now we have a new design that will be released this fall- The BeoSound Shape. This wall-mounted wireless speaker system not only looks amazing but will significantly improve your room’s acoustics. With its custom design, it can be placed pretty much anywhere, in an office, restaurant, living area. The idea is for …

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Angel’s Share Luxury Superyacht | By Wally Yachts


There are few things that personify luxury, wealth, and class. Among some fantastic super cars, there will always be a superyacht in the wealthy man’s collection of toys. As far as luxury superyachts go, the Angel’s Share Superyacht is definitely up there in design and elegance. Created by the Monaco-based Wally Yachts the Angel’s Share is exactly what happens when top-notch engineering, design, and construction is not limited by a price range. The Angel’s Share …

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Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom


Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a pro, we have a book that’s simply a must have. Just like the name says, Pitmaster features different recipes, techniques, and wisdom to be learned. The authors Andy Husbands and Chris Hart had a goal to create the ultimate guide to barbecuing and we must agree they succeeded. In this 224 pages book, you’ll find specific tips from smoker styles to advanced barbecue techniques. You’ll learn all about backyard cooking, how different regions …

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Citroën Type H | 70th Anniversary Van

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70 years ago, an iconic automobile designer, Flaminio Bertoni, unveiled his latest design. That design was, his Citroën HY van. Now, 70 years later, David Obendorfer and Fabrizio Caselani unveil their contemporary reinvention of the iconic model. Dubbed the Type H 70th Anniversary Van, it is a celebration of its predecessor! The van is packaged as a complete car kit that has been developed on the Citroën Jumper chassis. The Type H 70th Anniversary will …

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Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla is changing the face of sustainable energy and they don’t seem to stop. A while ago we wrote about one of their biggest innovations- the solar roof and now we’re introducing you to the newest technology from them – Tesla Solar Panels. These panels are an update to Tesla’s energy segment of the business and they will give consumers an efficient option to go off the grid. They feature a sleek and low-profile design that makes …

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Bell & Ross BR 126 Chronograph


Ah yes, in the world of sophisticated and luxury wrist watches, they are defined as Chronographs. The keepers of time. Wristwatch simply does not apply anymore, for luxury watches are above that. That is exactly the case with the Bell & Ross BR 126 Chronograph. Designed with the successful and sophisticated man in mind, the BR 126 delivers a style like no other. This watch features a 41mm stainless steel case that has been coated …

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