Ask any cook what are the most dreaded cooking tasks, and they will probably tell you – peeling, chopping, cutting, grating, and other wonderfully tedious food preparation activities. And how about a smelly and messy challenge of peeling garlic? Thank goodness for a London-based industrial design consultancy Goodwin Hartshorn and their wonderful little invention called …

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Volkswagen’s Car Park at AutoStadt by HENN Architekten

Volkswagen’s car park at AutoStadt in Wolfsburg, Germany was created by HENN Architekten as a temporary storage for new vehicles, but also as a tool used to create a stunning delivery process for all customers. This parking lot is comprised of two 20-story, 60 meters tall tube shaped towers that are large enough to hold …

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Nikon launched the first waterproof and shockproof digital camera, the Nikon 1 AW1. This model has extremely hardened interchangeable lenses, thanks to which it can be used up to 15m underwater, stay undamaged after the fall from heights of up to 2m or unharmed after being in temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. Being rubber-sealed, the …

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Edifício 360° in São Paulo, Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

Between the districts of Alto da Lapa and Alto de Pinheiros in São Paulo, Brazil, the Edifício 360° (meaning 360°Building in English) is located. Designed and built by , a Brazilian architect, with the help of Construtora Bárbara this structure won the “Overall Winner” prize by the Future Projects Awards. The main reason that makes …

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If natural organic interior is what you are striving for in your home and feel the best when in and around one, have a look at what a Polish design studio ABADOC has in store for you – alder wood and stainless steel floor lamp called Woobia. The studio designers say that Woobia lamp “was …

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Designer Dave Hakkens is the mastermind behind the Phoneblocks – a modular, customizable phone. This is most definitely one of the best ideas regarding smartphones since their emergence. Let’s see what all the fuss is about. Dave Hakkens’s starting point was the fact that our fragile phones today often get broken and tossed away but …

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In the village of Oia, Santorini, on the edges of the caldera cliffs the Ikies Traditional Houses are located. It’s a very special kind of a hotel, due to its location, small size and various amenities which it offers to the fortunate visitors. With their whitewashed domed roofs and deep blue doors and shutters, Ikies …

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Gateshead Millennium Bridge | Tilting Bridge in England

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge connects the south bank of Gateshead’s Quays and the north bank of the Quayside of Newcastle across the River Tyne. The design seems pretty simple and yet very elegant. The bridge is consisted of two stylish curves, one of which serves as a deck for pedestrians and cyclists, and the other …

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Bicycle Designed for Armless Man – ‘Inspiration on Wheels’

One of the best quotes by Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker who was born with a rare disorder characterized by absence of all four limbs, goes like this: “For every disability you have, you are blessed with more than enough abilities to overcome your challenges.” This couldn’t be more true for Michael “Mike” Timble, a …

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It was about time for somebody to come up with an idea of how to provide an instant connection between a camera and social media. Queue the Q Camera! This “first ever social camera” (to quote its designers), enables you to immediately upload every photo you take to a social medium of your choice via …

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