The Fly Fisher | The Essence and Essentials of Flyfishing


Out of all the sports out there, there is nothing quite as relaxing and rejuvenating as fly fishing. That being said, when you have hooked that fish, there are few things that are as exhilarating. To help you on your quest of catching the perfect fish, The Fly Fisher is a must-have in your knowledge repertoire. The Fly Fisher is filled with the most beautiful fishing spots, self-tied flies, and it also guides you to …

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Dry Bag Cooler | By Kawartha Outdoor


Doesn’t matter if you’re camping, if you’re just chilling with some mates, or you’re having a barbecue, you’re going to need keep those brews cold. Well, what better way than to keep them icy-cool with the Dry Bag Cooler by Kawartha Outdoor? The Dry Bag is a spectacular cooler; unique, durable, and guaranteed to keep those beers ice cold. It features a heavy-duty PVC construction that has been fortified with heat-sealed seams. It also comes …

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Blue Apron | Recipe Delivery Service

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We all know that incredible ingredients are the key to incredible meals. Also, food is tastier when you prepare it yourselves, from scratch. If you found it hard to get fresh, quality ingredients, then it’s a relief that companies like Blue Apron can easily deliver them to you. Blue Apron is a company with its own food system that includes growing and transporting. What they did is partnered with farmers that produce the freshest and highest-quality …

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U-Turn Audio | Orbit Plus Turntable


When it comes to music, you get casual listeners, and then you get true audiophiles. You can always trust the advice of an audiophile; these are people whose entire lives revolve around listening to music and, of course, getting the best sound quality that there possibly is. One of the items that should be in every audiophile’s musical repertoire is the Phantom Speaker, and, of course, a turntable. Especially, the Orbit Plus Turntable. Every sound …

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Titan | Titanium Aviator Sunglasses


Fact is, you need sunglasses. It’s an essential EDC item that should never be overlooked. Apart from the obvious fact that it keeps the sun out of your eyes, and protects them, your sunglasses says a lot about you. Firstly, they show off your style. Secondly, they make you more attractive. Thirdly, because they are simply awesomeness itself. Well, if you were looking for something that is spectacularly awesome, then the Titan Titanium Aviator Sunglasses …

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Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker


Are you ready for the next best performing portable Bluetooth speaker? If the answer is yes, we’re glad to introduce you to Bose SoundLink Revolve. It’s made to deliver a constant 360° sound and provide you with the ultimate listening experience, wherever you go. Thanks to its size, it’s perfect for taking it outdoors. But don’t let the size fool you, it’s equipped with the latest technology. To be specific, it comes with dual passive radiators that will …

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Moss Hotel In Iceland Opens This Fall

Situated in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland stands the Moss Hotel. It’s surrounded by magnificent volcanic frontiers, built into the 1226 lava flow that’s covered in moss. This hotel not only integrates nature and architecture but respects the environment and incorporates sustainable energy. It will open this fall. Moss Hotel will offer 62 rooms and suites for guests. They are all different in size but what they have in common is the amazing view of the moss-covered …

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Keysmart Compact EDC Kit


If you’ve got an EDC kit, and you don’t have a multitool included in it, then you have sorely missed the point of EDC and it’s time to get brushed up. You never know when you need a certain tool, and you don’t have it. Thankfully for us, some people who understand the need, created the Keysmart Compact EDC Kit for everybody that needs a tricked-out kit. Designed to be one of the smartest carrying …

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Woodman’s Pal | Premium Military Axe Multi-tool


If you have ever been through a trek in the woods, you know how essential it is to have something to clear your way with. Of course, not just any old thing would do. You’re going to need something that is strong, durable, and has the ability to hack and slash even the densest brush. Well, if you’re an avid camper, or even if you just need something reliable for around the home, then the …

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Revival Tire Belt | 100% Recycled Belt


We are all aware of the impact that we have on the environment; with pollution on the rise, people are coming out with innovative solutions to make our living more sustainable. Why shouldn’t that carry over to fashion? If you were looking for a belt to augment your style, while saving the environment, then the Revival Tire Belt is something that you should definitely invest in! Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The Revival is unique in …

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