RediTape Pocket Duct Tape


We all know you can fix pretty much anything with duct tape. The problem is when you have an emergency and simply can’t find it or don’t have it with you. Luckily, with the RediTape Pocket Duct Tape that will never happen again. First of all, this is a really high-quality duct tape. It’s very strong, durable and easy to tear when you need it. The thing that makes it so practical is its shape and size. It’s …

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Corkcicle Waterman Collection


Here at jebiga, we featured a few Corkcicle products– the famous Decapitator bottle opener, wine and beer chiller and aerator (see below). Why? Because they are awesome and will provide you with the ultimate drinking experience. Now, we’re glad to introduce you to the Corkcicle Waterman Collection. In this collection, you’ll find a Tumbler and Canteen. The collection itself is inspired by those who live their life for the water- surfers, swimmers, freedivers…Let us start with …

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10 Driving Gloves Worth Considering

Driving gloves aren’t just about keeping your hands warm. They’re also about showing style and class while enjoying the comfort, softness and a good grip on the steering wheel. The leather gloves will make your driving experience a lot better because there’s no such smell as a fresh leathery smell to make the car ride a supreme experience. Check out our suggestions for the 10 Best Driving Gloves, take your pick and take your driving …

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Zen Houses | By Petr Stolín Architekt

Located in Liberec, Czech Republic, Zen Houses offer a perfect balance between a modern lifestyle and relaxing surroundings. The philosophy behind this architectural project is also based on simplifying living conditions. The two volumes of the house offer three types of living areas – public, semi-public and private. The simplicity of both interior and exterior is inspired by contemporary Japanese architecture. Petr Stolín Architekt firm wanted to bring an experimental character to the house but also to separate home and office …

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Malouf Heavyweight Flannel Sheets And Zoned Dough Pillow


Everyone appreciates a good night’s sleep. Coziness and warmth are the two most important things when it comes to sleeping, especially during the cold winter months. Who else to turn to than the experts for sleeping, Malouf. Today, we’re talking about their two must have items- Heavyweight Flannel Sheets and a super cozy Zoned Dough Pillow. First, let us start with the velvety soft sheets. They are crafted in Portugal with the intention to be long lasting and …

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Villa Meijendel Embedded In A Sand Dune

Nestled in a coastal nature reserve in The Netherlands, Villa Meijendel is the perfect forest house. Just like the cabins you imagine when you think of a house in the woods, this villa has the same charm, at least from the outside. The black timber facade together with a valley of dunes creates beautiful landscapes. VVKH Architecten positioned the villa right next to a sandy slope that contrasts the black exterior. It’s actually built from concrete and covered …

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Peak Design Everyday Backpack


Peak Design is responsible for creating highly adaptable backpacks and bags. They became one of the biggest Kickstarter brands and were named Gear of The Year 2016 by National Geographic, Men’s Journal and The Verge. Just like the rest of their bags, Everyday Backpack offers great organization and accessibility. Let us start by saying that the Everyday Backpack is built to protect. It’s made using a tough weatherproof 500D Kodra shell with reinforced stress points. The material will …

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Timberland Euro Hiker Winter Boot


It’s that time of the year when we’re faced with extremely cold weather and seek ultimate protection. This is a top priority especially for those enjoying outdoor activities. Speaking of ultimate protection, Timberland is a brand that needs no introduction. Inspired by European outdoors wear, they introduced the Timberland Euro Hiker Winter Boot. With 40 years of making outdoor gear, they know how to craft a great boot. The Euro Hiker boots feature a premium full-grain waterproof …

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LG W7 OLED | Super-Thin Wallpaper TV

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In the beginning, TV’s were colorless, had small screens and were bulky. Even a few years ago, with the release of larger screens to try to capture a “cinema” experience, 40” TV’s weighed as much as 80 pounds. This posed a variety of problems, including transportation and, frankly, it was an eyesore. Well, thanks to technological innovation, and a new unveiling at CES 2017, the LG W7 OLED TV aims to change that completely. The …

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Micro Cabin | By Larocque Elder Architects

A while ago we wrote about a minimalistic reading cabin in upstate New York. There’s one more like it, perfect for relaxing, enjoying nature and taking a break in a cozy atmosphere. Micro Cabin is located in Ontario and stands in harmony with the environment surrounding it. Micro Cabin has only 98 square feet and is situated in a forest. It was designed by Larocque Elder Architects to provide an off the grid experience. The exterior is made using dark …

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