Bellroy Laptop Sleeve


After making super cool wallets, Bellroy decided to expand their product line and include laptop sleeves as well. Similar like the wallets, the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve is made with high-quality materials and great craftsmanship, along with the easy to use design. Since we all care about our laptops, protection is key when speaking of its transportation. Bellroy created the exterior from a premium woven fabric while the lining features a sturdy microfiber protection. The important thing about the …

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Air Ink | The First Ink Made From Air Pollution


What if we told you that it’s possible to turn air pollution into art? That’s right, the MIT Media Lab decided to turn something negative into an inspiring form that can be used to create art. We’re talking about Air Ink, refillable water resistant markers and screen printing ink. Air Ink is made out of from unburned carbon coming out of the exhaust pipe of cars, chimneys, and generators. The guys from the lab created a device that captures …

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Free Spirit Spheres In British Columbia


Nestled in a forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find Free Spirit Spheres. They provide a unique natural retreat that allows you to reconnect with the peaceful surrounding while staying in a suspended orb. According to Tom Chudleigh, the mastermind behind it, staying in one of these spheres should be on everybody’s bucket list. Free Spirit Spheres conserve the forest and bring a special luxurious experience. You don’t have to be afraid since the load is …

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Charasu | Activated Charcoal Apothecary


Charasu is a Japanese word that stands for cleaning or refreshing oneself. It’s no wonder why a company that makes skin and hair products decided to go with that word. The first thing you should know about their offer is that everything is made from activated charcoal. For those of you who don’t know, this process includes white oak branches that are burned for several days and later left to cool down. So, why is active charcoal good for your skin? …

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Technivorm’s Moccamaster


If you enjoy home brewed coffee and would like to have a coffee maker that will last and prepare a perfect cup, then you’re at the right place. Moccamaster is reliable, energy efficient and handmade in the Netherlands. Needless to say, it will make that fully infused, flavorful cup of coffee. Moccamaster is very powerful and will keep a consistent brewing temperature (196°-205° F). With it, you can make 10 cups is just 6 minutes. The brew …

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Bramble Outdoor Camp Towels


Wherever you go, carrying travel ready gear can be either a challenge or a minor issue. We all experienced traveling with an overstuffed carry-on, at least once. When it comes to a necessity like a towel, it’s super important it’s compact and convenient. Luckily, with Bramble Outdoor Camp Towels you get exactly that. The thing about this towel is that it’s super absorbent, lightweight and perfect for packing. It’s made from a microfiber blend that will dry quickly and weighing …

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Adam Straight Razor Kit | By KC Shave Co


Hailing from Missouri, KC Shave Co creates ultimate personalized shaving and beard care kits. They have a wide variety of kits, all different in size and types of the razor blade. Today, we’re introducing you to Adam Straight Razor Kit. This one is handcrafted from stainless steel and comes in a super cool black cigar box. As for the type of blade, it features a blend of a straight razor and a shavette razor. What this means is that it …

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Casa Tiny Available For Rent

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If you’re seeking for a perfect retreat, we’re glad to tell you that thanks to Airbnb, you can now rent Casa Tiny. This one bedroom house is located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden”. The house itself was finished in late 2014 by architect Aranza Arino and director Claudio Sodi. The house is not only minimal in space but in the design as well. It was constructed out of concrete, with the …

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Satchelbord | Mobile Lapdesk, Bag and Chair All-In-One

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Being mobile and working remotely has become a necessity in your exceptionally busy daily lives. However, using your laptop on your lap, or having difficulty finding seating, or even having to carry a lot of work gear, can be a hassle. Thankfully for us, a new solution has been introduced into the market and it combines ingenuity with creativity! Introducing the Satchelbord! Pre-order from Spergotech here. The Satchelbord is a new multi-purpose accessory that was …

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The Polyscience Control Freak | A Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System


Some of us like total control over our lives, and why shouldn’t we have it? Especially when it comes to culinary matters. Cooking, is an art form, and a form of organic chemistry, so why shouldn’t we have precise control over how we sauté that cabbage, sear that steak, or broil that cheese sauce? Thankfully for us, Polyscience’s Control Freak holds the answers that we seek. Designed to give you the ultimate control over your …

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