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Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker


Are you ready for the next best performing portable Bluetooth speaker? If the answer is yes, we’re glad to introduce you to Bose SoundLink Revolve. It’s made to deliver a constant 360° sound and provide you with the ultimate listening experience, wherever you go. Thanks to its size, it’s perfect for taking it outdoors. But don’t let the …

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Ooho! | The Edible Water Bottle

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We are all aware of the effect that plastic has on our environment. Some types of plastic take thousands of years to degrade, and we even have garbage patches in the ocean. The best example is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that literally contains millions of pieces of plastic. To combat this problem, great minds …

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Blackmagic Design | DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel


If you are working in the cinematography business, chances are that you are familiar with the DaVinci Resolve software. This software is used to give life to exotic locations, and even entire worlds, that are produced within Hollywood’s film studios. Of course, it can function as a standalone software, but having a hardware control panel …

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Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla is changing the face of sustainable energy and they don’t seem to stop. A while ago we wrote about one of their biggest innovations- the solar roof and now we’re introducing you to the newest technology from them – Tesla Solar Panels. These panels are an update to Tesla’s energy segment of the business and …

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ROOBO BeanQ Robot Wins Red Dot Award 2017

We are witnessing the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence, especially systems in the field of products and services. ROOBO is a Chinese company founded in 2014 with the idea to develop intelligent consumer robots. Their latest project, the ‘BeanQ’, just beat 60 other countries in the ‘best of the best’ honor at the Red Dot Award 2017. BeanQ is a …

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Electric Jellyfish Aquarium


We all need something to brighten up our desks; it improves your mood, makes your environment look good, and it increases your productivity. If you were looking for something unique, then a jellyfish tank would be perfect, but we don’t always have the means to care for a jellyfish. If you are part of the …

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Montblanc Luxury Smartwatch Collection


Montblanc has long been known for their intricate luxury watches. If you were looking for the epitome of sophistication, Montblanc would be the chronograph to get. But, as our lives become more digital, adaptation is a necessary evolutionary step. So, without further ado, we introduce the Montblanc Luxury Smartwatch Collection. The essence of fine watchmaking …

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Stanley Model 1 3D Printer


In recent years, we have seen an explosion of 3D printers. They are easy to use, practical, and opens up unfathomable possibilities. For instance, they recently invented a 3D printer that can actually print human skin, cell by cell. Regardless, most of us don’t need something so advanced, and that is where the Stanley Model …

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CliniCloud Medical Kit


Since we are living in the age of information, many people have opted for internet self-diagnosis of illnesses. Somewhat humorously, many people end up having cancer, or some other insane disease, due to a misdiagnosis. However, all of that is about to change with the CliniCloud Medical Kit. Designed to give you an accurate diagnosis, …

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Minibar Delivery Free App

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Drinking has been a favorite pastime for millions of people around the globe. However, making a trip to the bottle store is becoming all the more difficult. We are inundated with choices, and we have no research to determine the taste, quality, and sophistication of the alcoholic beverage that we would like. Thanks to the …

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