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The QUARTZ Bottle – Sustainable & Digital Water Purification

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What if there was a reusable bottle that could self-clean while at the same time purify the water inside? Introducing, The QUARTZ bottle, the world’s first mercury-free self-cleaning water bottle that used UV-C Light technology to neutralize 99.9999% of odor causing germs and bio contaminants from inside the bottle. Can you think of an item …

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Sophia – The First Robot Declared A Citizen

You might have seen the news about the first robot ever to get a citizenship of a country. Her name is Sophia and on the 25th of October, she became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Sophia is the latest robot from Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company, and she was designed to interact with people, go into …

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11 Car Accessories Under $50 That Will Make Your Drives Easier

Today, we’re helping you get the best car accessories that are both convenient and under $50. Check out our list below and make your drive easier: 1 – Tile Key Finder Thanks to this small Tile Finder, you’ll be able to locate your keys in a matter of seconds. Just attach it to the keychain and …

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7 Apps To Fight Smartphone Addiction And Boost Productivity

In a tech-dominated world, it is very hard to stay away from the digital life we are all leading on the internet. Not only social media, but all the things we do when we pick up our phones. Sometimes it’s just scrolling through our accounts, sometimes mindlessly playing games, or even just unlocking the phone and …

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22 Cryptocurrency Books And Online Courses To Get You To Start Trading

Since Bitcoin went live in 2009, it started a slow revolution on how we perceive the economy and money. The ability to invest in digital currencies has never been so accessible, but not many people understand the basic principles of how the technology works. A while ago, we wrote about Everything You Need To Know About …

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Lighting EVER LED Closet Light

Today we’re talking about a LED Under Cabinet Light that can be used for a variety of purposes. It comes from Lighting EVER, a company dedicated to creating better lighting experiences. Before we continue discussing all the ways you can use it, let us focus first on the light itself. Each light is powered by 4pcs AAA batteries that …

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Our Selections Of The Week

Last week marked some new releases and news and it’s our tradition to look back at it and bring you at least some of them. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything with Our Selections Of The Week segment. 1 – Tepui SkyCamp Tents Rooftop camping isn’t just for those who have a vehicle. Each …

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11 Truly Wireless Apple AirPods Alternatives

As you know, Apple decided to ditch the classical headphone jack as of their 2016 iPhone 7 launch and plan to keep that design with the new releases of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The elimination of the standard jack made room for a new product- Apple AirPods, company’s first wireless ear-in headphones. There …

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Jebiga Finds Of The Week

Welcome to the new selection of our regular Finds Of The Week segment. What did you miss this week? Well, we have some interesting things up our sleeve. Check out below. 1 – Apple iPhone X We all heard the news – Apple had a big release and one of the phones represented by CEO …

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