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Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof Power Bank


In today’s technological age, part of the package is that you always need power to charge your devices. Well, at times, that can be problem when you’re planning a trip of epicness into the wilderness. Thanks to the Unifun Waterproof Power Bank that will never be a problem again! Super rugged in design, the Unifun has a rating of IP66. This means that it is waterproof, dustproof, anti-shock and skid resistant. Basically, being as tough …

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Retroblox | Modern Console That Lets You Play Retro Games

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Fact is, with all of our gaming technology advancements, we still crave retro games. However, retro games are becoming all the more difficult to play. To be honest though, there are few games that can beat Mario Kart and Sonic The Hedgehog, to only name two. Thanks to the Retroblox, the world of gaming has opened up, and allowed us to dust off our retro games. Designed to be a “one console” that uses Element …

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Micro Wind Turbine | By Nils Ferber

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In many ways, adventuring sets us free, and there are plenty of times that we simply need an escape. The problem with leaving society for a while is that we also forego the luxuries that comes with it. The main one being electricity, and the fact is, we always need our smartphones, or other electrical gadgets. The answer to that can be found in the Nils Ferber Micro Wind Turbine. Designed to be compact and …

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug


We truly are living in the future right now. Through the internet, we are becoming unified as a people, and we are living in the age of connected homes. Applications on your smartphone can control everything from your fridge, to your TV, and so much more. One of the devices that enables you to control your home wirelessly is the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. The Wemo Mini gives you control over select appliances in your …

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The Polyscience Control Freak | A Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System


Some of us like total control over our lives, and why shouldn’t we have it? Especially when it comes to culinary matters. Cooking, is an art form, and a form of organic chemistry, so why shouldn’t we have precise control over how we sauté that cabbage, sear that steak, or broil that cheese sauce? Thankfully for us, Polyscience’s Control Freak holds the answers that we seek. Designed to give you the ultimate control over your …

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Bivy Adventure App | Track Your Adventures


There’s nothing like going on an adventure, and feeling the spirit of excitement in every step. From hiking, to kayaking, to rock climbing, and a variety of others here. Now, there’s an app that allows you to find adventures from other likeminded individuals, or even track your own. Enter the adventurous world of the Bivy Adventure App. Bivy is an application for iPhone that supports 16 different types of adventurous activities. It also allows you …

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BeatsX Wireless Earphones


Beats has long been known for their superb quality earphones and headphones. They truly stand up to the quality that every audiophile dreams of. Thankfully for us, after a long period of anticipation, Apple has finally released their latest reiteration of Beats. Introducing the BeatsX Wireless Earphones. Loaded with cutting edge technology, while sporting a sleek style, and featuring a true wireless design, the BeatsX does not disappoint. We have to mention that it is …

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Scollar Mini | The Smart Collar For Pets


If you have a pet, the chances are that you have struggled to train it, they’ve been lost before, or you have forgotten to give them medication and care. Well, there are a variety of technological aids for these purposes, but there isn’t a single solution to overall pet care and training. That is, until now, with the Scollar Mini! Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Designed to be the future for you and your pet, the …

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Reforestum | Offset Your Carbon Footprint With Your Own Forest

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The truth is, that as much as we try to deny it, climate change is real, and it is becoming a major problem around the entire globe. 2016 was the hottest year in recorded history, which is a scary fact when you take into account that it does not seem like our planet will be cooling down any time soon. Thankfully, a few environmentally focused minds came together and created an idea where normal people …

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Withings Body Cardio Scale


If you’re seeking for accurate weight and body measurements, then you came to the right place. Withings Body Cardio Scale uses innovative technology to provide advanced data of your full body composition and cardiovascular health. Body Cardio features a 0.7″ thick solid aluminum base that can be placed on almost any surface. As for the tempered glass, it’s designed for comfort and durability. What this scale does is it gives you a complete overview of your body– from measuring weight, BMI, …

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