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Dutchtub Original by Weltevree is one of the most innovative solutions for outdoor bathing we have seen thus far is another great idea designed by renowned Dutch industrial designer Floris Schoonderbeek, Dutchtub Original is entirely environmentally-friendly as it uses wood and natural circulation to heat the water. Made from the robust, durable and lightweight glass fiber polyester and stainless steel, Dutchtub Original is entirely mobile and can be used anytime and anywhere. The Dutch made hot tub is …

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Day Bed by José Gandía-Blasco

The elegant outdoor bed designed by José Gandía-Blasco for Gandia Blasco, the Valencia-based Spanish company dedicated to high-end stylish furniture is more than an outdoor bed, in fact, it is a mobile, small and secluded world for the two lovers. Built from high-quality, lightweight and durable anodized aluminum, the Gandia Blasco Day Bed can be easily used on a beach, by the swimming pool, in your garden or any other outdoor area. The Day Bed …

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Ever since the earliest days of calligraphy right to the present days of digital and kinetic typography different artists have expressed one basic idea – words can be beautiful and have a visual appeal equal to the semantic one. Now, maps of the world have been hanging on the walls of various offices, rooms and public spaces all over the globe for ages, but how about a text world map? Sunny Side Up, a British …

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Jake Phipps, the renowned British furniture and lighting designer comes with an exciting new piece of furniture. The Solid Cedar Loveseat is awesome on several levels – made from a single piece of mighty cedar, the piece is durable, strong and solid but also has all the warmth and tenderness of the cedar wood. Solid Cedar Loveseat is a modern art sculpture and an extremely comfortable piece of furniture at the same time. The simple, …

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