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If you are searching for solitude and seclusion in this busy world, the Quiet Chair, designed by London-based Studio TILT, will give you your own quiet and private space. The chair intentionally resembles a cocoon, making the user feel shielded and comforted, like in a personal haven. Quiet Chair is pentagonal in shape and was designed in collaboration with staff and patients at the Whittington Hospital in London. The chair has six padded surfaces. Tilt …

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Pyramid Lighting Sculpture by Aqua Creations

The Pyramid Lighting Sculpture, created by Albi Serfaty and Benad Dar of Tel-Aviv based Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier, is a large-scale light fixture and an exercise in further exploration of use of silk by the designers. The inverted pyramid lighting sculpture is made of a grid of 28 triangular frames with each frame draped in incandescent fabric adding movement with its relaxed pleats and emanating a soft warm glow. The triangular frames come …

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Snöbär Chair by Yonder Magnetik

Serbian design duo Nebojsa Gornjak and Natasa Vukosavljevic have created for Yonder Magnetik a playful, comfortable, soft chair which they called Snöbär, a Swedish word for snowberry. The name is no coincidence since snowberry has very delicate plush white berries which seem to float lightly in the air thus giving a plant a soft feel. The adjectives used to described the snowberry plant – delicate, light, soft, plush – perfectly fit the Snöbär chair. This …

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Getting the temperature right is vitally important when baking a pizza and the way to do it is to use the Pizza Que Grill Stone. Most indoor ovens cannot produce the perfect temperature to make the crust on your pizza crisp enough and toppings bubble. The Pizza Que Grill Stone is a very efficient way to bake pizzas and home-made breads quickly yet perfectly. This grill stone is made of porous clay which absorbs high …

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Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin (VIDEO)

You are probably going to marvel at Walking Table by Dutch designer Wouter Scheublin because you have never seen anything like it. An unusual combination of mechanics and carpentry, the Walking Table is definitely not a static piece of furniture. This table is made of walnut and it comes to life when pushed or pulled thus changing your perception of tables as motionless parts of your interior. The table converts pushing and pulling into oscillations …

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Spanish designer Martín Azúa invites you to restore your relationship with nature by designing Wellspring – an unusual looking porous vase that is spherical in shape with a mouth in the front and a smaller hole at the top. The concept is devised to simulate an ecosystem, with soil, rocks and plants, which are nourished by a perpetual interaction with water. What makes Wellspring truly one of a kind is the way in which plants …

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Rather than storing your magazines and catalogs in Grandma’s dusty old wooden rack, opt for the elegant and contemporary Wactor Magazine Rack designed by Flöz Design and manufactured by German company Blomus. This attractive and wonderfully engineered rack is made of stainless steel, and has a convenient handle and two storage bins. It is authentic, simple, functional and durable. The rack’s dimensions are 11.8″(height) x 9.1″ (width) x 15.7″ (depth). If you like your magazines …

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Summer heat can be hard on your body and health, as well as take the fun out of your summer. If you are an outdoor type, love to spend time on your porch, terrace or by the pool, but find excessive heat distracting, you will need to get yourself a fan. Hoseless portable dry mist fan by Auramist is ideal for a capacious sitting area or your patio. You can use it both indoors and …

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Work Desk Bed by Studio NL: Design Allowing Sleep at the Workplace

Work Desk Bed, designed by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL, is surely the dream desk, figuratively and literally. It’s mid-afternoon, you are already tired because of yet another stressful day at the job and your body is yearning for a short nap. According to a number of studies, having a short snooze at work can actually increase work productivity. If you had the Work Desk Bed, you would be able to catch a few z’s …

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British designer Benjamin Hubert has designed a great amalgamation of a hammock and a chair with the laser cut non-elastic textile back which is contrasted by soft seating. Hubert aptly calls this chair ‘Cradle’ since it is designed to give you the feeling of calmness and comfort. Cradle – a collaborative project between Hubert and Italian brand Moroso – is one-of-a-kind blend of two types of seating – architecturally structured hammock, which provides comfortable support …

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