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NexGadget Ultrasonic Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser


If you want to preserve your health and humidify the room, try using an essential oil diffuser. They have plenty of benefits and usually come with a cool design that can go with pretty much any interior. This is the case with this NexGadget Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser. NexGadget made sure this thing is super practical so besides it being a diffuser, it can also serve as a humidifier, ionizer air purifier and a night lamp. It features ultrasonic …

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Sony Bravia A1E OLED TV Is Basically A Big Speaker

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For quite some time, LG has had the monopoly on OLED televisions, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Super rich colors at an unprecedented quality turned television into an extraordinary experience. Well, thanks to a new unveiling at CES 2017, Sony has not only made their own OLED television, but they did something that has never been imagined before. Check out the Sony Bravia A1E. Featuring a solid 4K Ultra HD …

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Hitch And Timber Leather EDC Notebook Holder


Hailing from Maryland, USA, Hitch And Timber is a company that produces high-quality leather goods. In their offer, you can find a variety of products, from wallets, keychains, notebooks, travel and EDC cases. Today, we’re talking about their awesome and stylish looking EDC Notebook Holder. This wallet for your notebook is handcrafted and made from leather. To be specific, it’s made from 4oz American tanned Horween leather. The crafting process includes it being cut, stitched, and burnished. In every …

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Corkcicle Waterman Collection


Here at jebiga, we featured a few Corkcicle products– the famous Decapitator bottle opener, wine and beer chiller and aerator (see below). Why? Because they are awesome and will provide you with the ultimate drinking experience. Now, we’re glad to introduce you to the Corkcicle Waterman Collection. In this collection, you’ll find a Tumbler and Canteen. The collection itself is inspired by those who live their life for the water- surfers, swimmers, freedivers…Let us start with …

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10 Driving Gloves Worth Considering

Driving gloves aren’t just about keeping your hands warm. They’re also about showing style and class while enjoying the comfort, softness and a good grip on the steering wheel. The leather gloves will make your driving experience a lot better because there’s no such smell as a fresh leathery smell to make the car ride a supreme experience. Check out our suggestions for the 10 Best Driving Gloves, take your pick and take your driving …

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Malouf Heavyweight Flannel Sheets And Zoned Dough Pillow


Everyone appreciates a good night’s sleep. Coziness and warmth are the two most important things when it comes to sleeping, especially during the cold winter months. Who else to turn to than the experts for sleeping, Malouf. Today, we’re talking about their two must have items- Heavyweight Flannel Sheets and a super cozy Zoned Dough Pillow. First, let us start with the velvety soft sheets. They are crafted in Portugal with the intention to be long lasting and …

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Mahabis Luxe Slippers


We recently wrote about the super comfy wool Mahabis slippers, perfect for lounging around the house. These quality slip on’s come in several models, so besides the classic model that you might be familiar with, we introduce you to the Mahabis Luxe Slippers. The main feature of all Mahabis slippers- the detachable sole, is still there. It allows you to use them outdoors since it will make the slipper almost like a sneaker. This is great for getting the paper …

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Hankook Mirae Method-2 Robot Suit | By Vitaly Bulgarov

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With a look akin to the manned robots in Avatar, we can’t deny that this machine is really cool. The Hankook Mirae Method-2 Robot Suit is a robotic suit that has been designed and built by Vitaly Bulgarov. We can also clearly see Bulgarov’s expertise in design, and his experience in the film and game industry in this machine. Vitaly has worked on several concept designs for a variety of film and gaming companies. He …

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Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool


If you haven’t heard of Izola yet, it’s a company that creates everyday objects and tools with a great design that are built to last. In the same manner, they constructed Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool, a must have addition to your home bar. Next time you have friends over, show your bar skills using just one tool. Just like the name says, this super useful tool is multifunctional and has 4 features. You can use …

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The Norlan Whiskey Glass


Meet Norlan Glass, an aesthetically beautiful double-walled whiskey glass that will provide you with a memorable drinking experience. The glass is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and a transparent double walled vessel. This is a technique where two separate molds are made, one for the inner wall and one for the outer. Then, they are reheated, combined and sealed. This also makes the inside of the glass unique and different than the rest of the structure. In the set, you get two …

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