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LightMode Kits | Illuminate Your Helmet


We are all familiar with the awesomeness that Tron was. With its bright orange and blue lines, it simply looked like the future. Well, thankfully, to a new Kickstarter campaign, you can turn your mundane helmet into something spectacular. And very Tron-like. Introducing LightMode Kits! These LightMode Kits come with a variety of features, most importantly though, is that they have the ability to make your ordinary helmet into something that is pure awesomeness. New …

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Nebula Water Colour Tabletop Wrap


If you want to make your office desk or table at home more fun, make sure to check out the Nebula Water Colour Tabletop Wrap. What this easy to use wrap does is it transforms the look of the tabletop and is perfect if you want to cover your old pieces of furniture. Nebula Water Colour Tabletop Wrap uses washable self-adhesive vinyl. It also has a layer of laminate that will protect the surface from any damages. …

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Black Hole Lamp | By Curve ID

Dario Narvaez and Anthony Baxter from Curve ID designed a lamp that works on the same principle as a black hole. So, just like in space, the Black Hole Lamp draws light down to a single point from where it cannot escape. This design brought them the first prize on the L A M P (Light Architecture Movement Project). This is an international lighting competition whose theme this year was Cosmic. ‘We wanted to achieve an aesthetically pleasing piece …

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Flat-Packed Cabins From The Backcountry Hut Company


Inspired by the IKEA philosophy of creating affordable and good-looking products, Canadian Backcountry Hut Company started producing flat-packed cabins for outdoor enthusiasts. Besides the great design, the best part is that it allows residents to build the cabin for themselves. You get all the parts of the cabin and then proceed to assemble it on the site. Thanks to a great design, you will need just a smaller group of people to finish the task. This …

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Home Floor Plans From Awesome TV Shows

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If you enjoy watching TV series’, then you are going to find this to be completely awesome. Real estate website, has taken it upon themselves to perfectly lay out the floor plans from some of your favorite shows. They not only look awesome, but are accurate to the T as well. Introducing TV Show Floor Plans.’s Floor Plans feature a selection of 8 different plans from a variety of TV shows such …

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Sean Woolsey’s Waterfall Desk


Sean Woolsey is a Californian artist who makes furniture pieces. Today, we’re talking about his super stylish, hand-crafted Waterfall Desk. This one continues with the minimalistic and clean design of the Agent Desk we saw a while ago and was originally made for the architect William Itzen. One side of the desk is covered with wood and represents the waterfall edge, giving it an asymmetrical touch. Speaking of the wood, the entire desk uses black walnut paired together with …

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Blaze Tower | An Outdoor Firepit, Grill And Smoker


What Blaze Tower represents is more than just an outdoor centerpiece. It’s a firepit, charcoal grill, and wood smoker, all in one. With its beautiful pyramid construction, it can fit in almost any surrounding and will last for many years to come. Blaze Tower features a unique, raw material design. This is achieved thanks to its heavy duty craftsmanship- 3/16” American steel. This material is more than three times thicker than its alternatives, it’s super tough and ages …

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LapPad GO+ | The First Mobile Workstation With Built-In Charging

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With our current society, working on the go has become an essential factor. With the advent of mobile telephony and wireless internet, we are literally doing everything mobile. Why not do it in style? Introducing the LapPad GO+ and LapPad +! Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The LapPad Go+ and LapPad + is the world’s first powered mobile work station. This unit comes complete with space for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, mouse and EDC. Essentially, the …

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Lego | Reveals Their 603 Piece BMW R 1200 GS

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Lego Technic has teamed up with BMW Motorrad to bring you one of their most functional pieces yet. Working in a close-nit design environment, Lego and BMW Motorrad have revealed their latest design, the Lego Technic BMW R 1200 GS adventure. Even though this is only a model, Lego Technic and BMW took much care at ensuring that it functions much like the original. The Lego Technic BMW R 1200 GS adventure also commemorates Lego …

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Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper


Osaka is a company with a strong belief that coffee is not just a drink or a commodity, but a specialty. We couldn’t agree more. This Pour-Over Coffee Dripper has everything necessary to home brew your coffee in the old-fashioned drip way. Let’s start with the construction. It has a stainless steel cone filter that helps extract the full taste of coffee beans. It comes with an additional mesh filter inside that’s very easy to clean and means …

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