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Biking sure is a great way to get to work – it’s eco-friendly, time-efficient and economical. But what happens if you need to store all those documents, smartphone, tablet and all the other small life’s necessities somewhere other than a raggedy-looking bike bag and at the same time keep up the noble gentlemanly looks when rushing to that office meeting? Well, try the Frame Folio by famous leather goods company Hard Graft – not only …

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Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own personal Batmobile? That’s probably just what the LEGO creative team thought when they decided to design the Tumbler and accompanying miniature action figures from the famous 2008 superhero feature The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. Though considerably smaller than the big-screen original, the Tumbler is about to become widely available to the public as part of the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Edition – and judging by the model …

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EcoZoom is a social enterprise that is producing ecological products which improve health, income and environment. The first thing they decided to improve are cook stoves, because they think this is one of the weakest spots in the world, but they also produce solar lamps, water filters, and reusable sanitary pods, as well. Their latest project is called the EcoZoom Dura and it is a rocket stove, which is delivered both to developing and developed …

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Imagine yourself floating above the ground, on soft grass, rocking back and forth, relaxing and letting your mind wander. So, what’s wrong with this picture? One cannot possibly float above the ground and yet still rock back and forth on the grass. Well, that is feasible if you have Grass Field Hammock, designed by Studio Toer from Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Grass Field Hammock is actually not made from real grass, but from soft, UV …

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Any liquor connoisseur will tell you that there’s much more to a shot than just a quick gulp of soothing spirits. And indeed, with Alexander Wang Shot Glass Kit, there most certainly is – with this stylish set of tiny glasses, any drink you squaff down will instill you with far more than a mere alcoholic streak. Shot glasses are produced from 100% stainless steel and treated with a pale finish of pure gold, each …

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Today we bring a piece of great news to all you fans of eco-friendly fashion accessories: believe it or not, now you can actually go green shade-wise, because designer Sam Whitten has come up with an innovative and environmentally-friendly model of sunglasses, which will hit the market as part of the so-called Hemp Eyewear collection. In addition to their high durability and eco-conscious design, these shades look truly remarkable, so all those who think that …

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Recycling is very important nowadays, having in mind the pollution and the impact it has on our planet. We witness many imaginative recycled products, but these cork surfboards are about to take your breath away. Whether you are personally a surf addict, you simply love water and beach, or, at least, if you are female, enjoy watching those shirtless dudes struggling with waves – stay tuned. Two young designers from Spain have come to an …

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There have been several ideas for barefoot shoes out there and this last one, called the Paleo barefoots, might actually prove to be the strangest of them all. Their idea was to emphasize the difference between the barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes. The second ones are in function just like most other shoes, creating a distinctive protection of your feet from the environment and, in terms of feeling, try to imitate the sensation of barefoot …

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Christopher Duffy of Duffy London is back again with a new design that captures the imagination, tantalizes the mind and inspires complete wonder. A piece so unique and so utterly beautiful that one cannot help but stare in amazement as your mind becomes engulfed with thoughts of nature. We present to you Christopher Duffy’s latest creation – Abyss Table. This piece is bound to look great in any home and would be a fantastic conversational …

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Gobi Gear is a group of 3 nature-loving travelers who got tired of upending their bags to reach the item they were looking for during their trips and who realized they needed a better way to organize their gear. So they decided to make a stuff sack that their fellow-travelers would enjoy. These guys started a Kickstarter project and reached the goal very quickly for their amazing product named Hoboroll. It is a double-sided stuff sack …

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