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If you’re bored with the traditional wine-in-a-box design and want to give your tabletop a slightly classier look on that odd special night, we have just the right thing for you today: with Baggy Wine Coat by Jakob Wagner, your dinner table will never look dull again – plus you also get a sophisticated transport mode for your most loved alcoholic beverage. Made to render a stylish yet casual appearance to the popular Bag-in-Box wines, …

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If there is one topic that we have been covering extensively on our site, it has to be camping and outdoor activities. Here is another practical product that is going to make your camping experience an even more enjoyable one – it is called GSI Destination Kitchen Set and it is a great collection of the most important kitchen utensils and cutlery that you need when preparing and consuming food outdoors. GSI Destination Kitchen Set …

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If you are looking to add dimension, quirkiness and originality to your otherwise bland flooring, German textile designer Elisa Strozyk has something right up your alley – Wooden Carpet. Made from laser cut differently coloured veneer offcuts, the carpet lies flatly on the floor yet it appears three-dimensional thanks to brilliantly designed triangular veneer pieces which are bonded onto the fabric. Conceptually speaking, Wooden Carpet is anything but typical, run-of-the-mill rug, and since wood is …

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Whether you are a novice or a seasoned consumer of wine, you probably know that there is one thing that you should do before you drink it and that is to aerate it. By doing so, you will warm the wine, boost its aroma and improve its flavour. And here is something that will help you greatly with that – Fountain Aerating Wine Glasses. Designed by Dillon Burroughs, the idea for Fountain Aerating Wine Glass …

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If you want the perfect tent, consult with the people who have been living in one all their lives – the nomads. The tent we are featuring today is inspired by yurt, the traditional, mobile dwelling structure usually used by the nomads of Central Asia. The brainchild of designer and adventurer Uula Jero, the tent is aptly called Trakke Jero after the outdoors company that produces it and the tent’s designer. Trakke Jero is made …

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Here’s a little piece of advice from the experts – you need to be your inner child’s best friend unless you want to grow into another dull grumpy adult whose entire life purpose boils down to completing all that dreary work, office hours and chores, without any time to have some genuine childlike fun. “Do not grow up, it’s a trap,” as the saying goes – and today we bring you a little something to …

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If you, like yours truly, have been on a constant search for the perfect pillow, we might have just found the one we have been waiting for. The product is called Comfort-U and it is a wonderfully oversized pillow in the shape of the letter “U”. It is long enough to support your entire body, and ergonomic enough to keep your neck, shoulders, back and hips properly aligned so that you don’t wake up stiff …

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If we told you that we had discovered a bicycle with a roof, you would probably think we were joking. Trust us, we are not. Switzerland-based company Allnew has designed a flexible rain and weather protection system called Dryve for you and your bicycle which consists of a water-repellent window made from polycarbonate in the front, and a tear-proof ripstop material surface in the back. In terms of safety, Dryve rain and weather protection system …

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It seems that battling with a lack of space in your home is a never ending activity. Searching for the best storage ideas never gets old and as soon as we find something that might benefit you in this area, we are eager to write about it. This time around, we are bringing you Snow Peak’s stackable shelf and container which can be equally used indoor and outdoor. Snow Peak has designed a storage box …

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Are you sick and tired of your water bottle taking up most of the space in your bag? You know, the bottles that squeeze easily, leak and are not reusable. Well, the bottle that we are featuring here is anything but… Memobottle will slide easily between your laptop, tablet, books or valuables, and because of its flat rectangular shape, it will make the most out of the space in your bag without ever compromising on …

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