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Cracked Log Lamps | By Duncan Meerding


Tasmania-based furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding transforms cracked tree stumps into lamps. With these lamps, your home will get a warm and rustic charm. All lamps are made with salvaged cracked wood that would otherwise be burnt. They can be used both as outdoor and indoor decor. Inside the cracks, there are yellow LED lights, perfect for giving your surrounding the warm and natural look. These lamps are a celebration of nature and environmentally friendly design. …

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Ulo – The Surveillance Owl

from €149|

Get this – a surveillance camera that looks like an owl and even interacts with you through cute eye motions. Yeah, we agree that “cute” isn’t often connected with “security”, but Ulo will make you change your mind. And, trust us, even the manliest man is going to fall in love with this toy. It’s pretty safe to say that this is a next-generation surveillance camera: it keeps you safe and it communicates with you. …

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Bolo | The Rolling Knife

from $14|

“Great knives do two things very well: feel good in your hand and cut extremely well.” – that’s what they say at Zinovta, and we bet you agree. This is the reason they created Bolo, a rolling knife that fits your hand in a completely different way, a way you’re going to love. No more pressure or pain after lots of chopping or dicing. See what it’s about… Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Bolo is a …

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Flyte | Levitating Light Bulb That Gets Energy From The Air


It may seem unreal, but there’s a light bulb that can last up to 22 years. Flyte is a wireless light bulb that levitates over a magnetic field. It has a small wooden base from where it draws the power. And it looks great, just like a part of an art installation. So, how does it work? Flyte uses induction to get the power from the air, and it’s transferred wirelessly, from the base to the …

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Mag Stickers | Magnetic Stickers For Kitchen Knives


When you’re organizing your kitchen space, you should try to keep it as minimal as possible. You wouldn’t want everything to get cluttered on the counter space. It just doesn’t look good. Also, don’t store everything in drawers, especially valuable high-quality products, like the finest kitchen knives. They’ll get damaged soon if you keep them like that. Not to mention they’ll collect dust. One of the smartest solutions for this problem is definitely MAG Stickers. …

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More Sky Pop-Out Window


Do you need more light in your apartment? Or do you want to look at the clear night sky, without having to leave your apartment? Well, the “More Sky Pop-Out Window” is offering exactly that. That is, of course, if height is not a big problem for you. The name behind this amazing design is Aldana Ferrer Garcia, and she managed to create three extraordinary concepts of these pop-out windows. The first one is called, …

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Lekue Kabob Maker


You don’t really make kabobs often, do you? That’s probably because you have to grill them, and everyone likes to avoid making a mess. Lekue developed a Kabob Maker for microwave use that’s really simple to use. First of all, figure out what you want to put in your kabobs. You can use any kind of meat, fish or vegetable. You’ll get 40 wooden skewers with the Kabob Maker. The container can fit 8 skewers, four at …

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MSR Flylite | 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent


Having a good tent is the key for successful camping.  MSR Flylite is a minimalist backpacking tent that takes advantage of tracking poles you already have with you, to make pitching the tent easier. It uses standard trekking poles and is ideal for hikers and backpackers who already carry them. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you’ll pitch it. This tent is made with MSR technology, to save weight and be as light as possible. …

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For all you guys who love spending time with your kids, but hate going for a walk, there might be a way to change your opinion. Release your inner child that has been put aside for too long and take him for a ride on a longboard – and at the same time go walking with your child in a stroller. Yep, it is possible – Lonboardstroller by Quinny will make it happen. The Longboardstroller …

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For those of you who enjoy organic food and prefer to know where it came from, there is now a way to be absolutely sure – grow it yourself. You may think that, to grow plants, you need a garden, but you are wrong. In this article, we are bringing you a way to grow your own organic food from your kitchen. It’s called Urban Cultivator. Urban Cultivator is an automated kitchen garden. Yes, you …

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