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Rose Gold / Black Leather Timepiece and Chestnut Leather Anchor Bracelet | By Thread Etiquette


Everybody needs a good old classic wristwatch, not just to precisely tell time, but also to make you look more sophisticated and elegant. The Classic Rose Gold / Black Leather Timepiece by Thread Etiquette is one of those timeless minimalist pieces that just work so well on all occasions. If you pair it up with their Chestnut Leather Anchor Bracelet, the beautiful contrast of these quality items will create a stunning look. The Classic Rose …

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The Deck | Flexible Wine And Goblet Holder


If you love wine and want to show off in front of your friends, the Deck might be just the right product for you. Designed by Taiwan’s Studio Leene, this flexible wine and goblet holder is created to be useful and practical. It consists of two pieces made from recycled paper. The first piece is a wine holder that can hold up to three wine bottles at a time. The other piece is the goblet …

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Wine Cellars | By Sommi


If you have ever owned a private wine collection, you need a place to store it. To take proper care of your wine and to enhance your interior, we suggest that you check out the Sommi Wine Cellars. If you can’t have a dedicated cellar in your home, this is the next best thing. The cellars have the capacity to store 70 to 450 bottles and they’re made by hand in Portland from wood that …

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SeatRack | Car Interior Storage Rack


If you often have to transport oversized equipment in your car, you know what a struggle it can be. And roof racks aren’t exactly the best solution all the time. The SeatRack is a car interior storage rack that will allow you to easily and safely transport oversized pieces inside your car. That way, your equipment will remain safe and protected from the elements and potential damage. This rack can easily fit most of vehicles …

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Self-Filling Fontus Water Bottle


When you’re on a hike or you’re riding a mountain bike far away from civilization, you’re going to need a lot of water, but sometimes it’s heavy to carry a lot of water with you. We present you the Fontus self-filling bottle that is able to concentrate moisture from the air around you and produce drinkable water. Fontus is a small start-up company from Austria that plans to release two types of Fontus bottle – …

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Scratch-Off 99 Bottles of Craft Beer Poster


Craft beer is getting more and more popular and the number of small breweries is increasing all over the world. We have something great for craft beer lovers who want to keep track of their drinking. The Scratch-Off 99 Bottles of Craft Beer Poster is a piece of hand-illustrated infographic art made by Pop Chart Lab. The poster is divided into categories, according to types of beer. Each bottle is covered with gold foil that you …

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Lumiere | Automated Essential Oil Diffuser

from $196|

Having an aromatherapy diffuser in your home has become a very popular thing, and for a good reason. Why wouldn’t you have your home all filled up with your favorite aroma? Maybe because you can take things to the next level with Lumiere, an automated essential oil diffuser. This diffuser is different from other similar products as it offers the convenience of altering between as much as four aromas. It’s designed to hold four capsules …

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Crossover Motorized Standing Desk | By Next Desks

from $399|

If you spend a lot of time sitting down while working on your computer, the position can get very uncomfortable. That’s why people have invented adjustable desks, but none of them can match the features of the Crossover Motorized Standing Desk by Next Desks. This is actually a power adjustable hybrid workstation that you can use with any desk you already have. Just put it on top of your old desk and adjust the height …

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Lumir C Candle Powered LED Lamp

from $59|

Lumir started a Kickstarter campaign for Lumir C, an LED lamp powered by a small candle. Lumir C is eco-friendly, doesn’t use batteries or an external power supply. It can be easily moved from place to place and is perfect for camping, reading or making a romantic atmosphere. The idea for this lamp came when the founder realized that many people in developing countries still live in the dark or just with candle light. He …

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Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager


We’re all in some kind of a hurry every day, always stressed, always running and worrying about something. For that reason, everybody could benefit from a nice relaxing massage using the Heat-Wave Synergy Microwaveable Stone Massager. This massager has brought an innovation into the world of hot stone massages. You can heat it up in just 60-90 seconds in your microwave and it will stay warm longer than other stone tools. You can also get …

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