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Twin Tunnel Bubble Tent | The Perfect Way To Enjoy Nature


If you love camping and know all about the benefits of spending time outdoors, you should definitely check out the latest trend that has hit the market, namely, Bubble Tents! Not only comfortable but unique and functional as well, this twin tunnel bubble tent will change the way that you spend time outdoors. This twin tunnel bubble tent offers you a new and interesting way to spend your time outdoors. With a diameter of 5 …

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Ion Fire Pit | By Decorpro


Inspired by Roman architecture, Decorpro designed the Ion Fire Pit. It can be a perfect addition to your backyard, back patio, beach or your cabin retreat. It’s made for outdoor use and it’s very durable. In fact, the whole thing is completely made from steel. Ion Fire Pit has eight tall columns that have convenient slots you can use to place skewers, marshmallow sticks or rotisserie spits. The fire will keep you and your friends warm but when …

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The Flat Bottle | A Water Bottle That’s Changing Lives


With everything that we need to carry on a daily basis – laptops, tablets, books and other accessories – it has become imperative to be able to save us much space as possible. That is the idea behind The Flat Bottle. The Flat Bottle was designed to save space, be healthy, keep you hydrated and help other people around the world. They certainly did achieve this. The Flat Bottle’s minimalistic design means that it can …

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Movpak | The Perfect Transportation For The Urban Traveler


Have you ever been walking along and just wished that you could materialize some way to commute out of thin air? Well, that has just become a possibility with the Movpak. The Movpak isn’t just a skateboard, or a backpack, but rather a combination of both that is packed full of features. The Movpak is revolutionary for the urban commuter since it is basically a combination of a backpack, personal transportation, smart luggage and a …

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Quantino | Nanoflow Cell Electric Car


As we have seen with Tesla’s range of supercars, electric cars are cool. They not only help you to save on gas, are environmentally friendly and can even reach the speeds of their gas counterparts but they suffer from one major problem. They need to be recharged and that can take time. Well, the Quantino Nanoflow Cell Electric Car aims to change that. The Quantino works much differently than ordinary electric vehicles. Featuring 4 electric …

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Travellr | The Only Travel Bag And Razor Case You’ll Ever Need


It has become a rarity to find authentic hand-crafted leather goods that have been made the old-fashioned way by skilled artisans. These products are built to last a lifetime and, apart from practicality, that’s exactly what Range Leather is offering with their hand-crafted leather Travellr: Travel Bag and Razor Case. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. What started off as a simple cut on the finger from an open razor in a bag, formed into an idea …

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SOAK | Wood Fired Hot Tub


SOAK is a beautiful outdoor wooden hot tub that can fit two people. It was inspired by the Japanese Ofuro soaking tub and the healing properties of water. It will create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere and let’s you enjoy the great outdoors even more. SOAK can be propane heated which gives you the option of using it when it’s cold outside. The stove is fully integrated into the body that is made from marine grade aluminum. …

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Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed


When you compare floating chambers with all types of memory foam mattresses and regular water beds, you realize just how awesome they are. The best thing is that we keep seeing new floating beds being developed. Nevertheless, there’s still nothing like Zerobody, a sensory deprivation float tank that allows you to float on it but not get wet. Zerobody is created as a collaboration between Italian designer Christiano Mino, brain wellness research company Neocogita and spa brand Starpool. The …

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The Code Wallet | The Mini Safe In Your Pocket

from $85|

We all know that feeling all too well when you lose your wallet or when you notice that cash had gone missing because you were inattentive. The drudgery of canceling all your cards and trying to reclaim your cash just doesn’t seem worth it. Considering that everything is code locked, why shouldn’t your wallet be? This is where the Code Wallet by Ögon Designs comes in. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The Code Wallet is a …

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Top 5 Bubble Tents | Camping With The Stars

Everyone who has gone camping at least once in their life knows that there’s nothing quite like it. Apart from all the amazing benefits that you get from spending outside, you get to connect with yourself, your friends, your family and nature. Another major point of camping is the fact that you can star-gaze but, alas, your star gazing times are cut short because it’s cold and you need to get into your tent. Luckily, …

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