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Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios

Renting work spaces and studios for artists can get very pricey when you live in bigger and more popular cities. Minima Moralia believes that creativity should have nothing to with social status so they constructed tiny, Pop-up Studios that can be used by designers, musicians, or any other type of artists. Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios were exhibited during the London Festival of Architecture and each one was occupied by an artist. Studios are very minimalistic and …

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The Longcave | House In Vietnam By 23o5 Studio

Vietnamese 23o5 Studio created a beautiful house 40km east of Vinh Long to serve as a safe haven for its owners. The area is known for a wide-open land filled with fields and rivers, so the idea was to incorporate that atmosphere into the house. The name Longcave comes from its dimensions since it’s 5 x 40 meters long. This shape is actually inspired by the Son Doong cave in Vietnam, the largest cave in the world. Thanks …

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Alva Pendant | Cord Style LED Pendant


Alva Pendant is the new retro style LED bulb from Tech Lighting. It combines the classic Edison-style lamp with a modern LED light. This design won last year’s International Interior Design Association/Hospitality Design Product Design Competition. The powerful 14.5 watt light has up to 290 lumens and is adjustable from 3,000K to 2,200K. It has two modes- warmer and colder, depending on your preferences. Alva Pendant is also completely dimmable with low-voltage electronic dimmer. Alva Pendant is …

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Live Lite Hot Weather Pants | By DU/ER Performance Denim


When it comes to traveling, looking professional and hot weather, don’t always mix. Pants that are versatile, comfortable and cooling while still having class and professional style simply didn’t exist, until now. Thanks to dish & DU/ER, the Live Lite Hot Weather Pants will change the pants that we wear forever! Pre-order from Kickstarter here and save more than $49 a pair. Live Lite are probably the most feature filled pants that we have ever come across. …

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Japanese Iron Oven | By Snow Peak


Japanese Nanbu cast ironware has a reputation for more than 900 years. Now, this traditional craftsmanship is used for making a Japanese Iron Oven. With ultra-thin, 2.25 mm walls it can be used for endless cooking options and it’s definitely built to last. What’s special about this Japanese Iron Oven is that it’s a three-piece, standard sized cast iron cook set including a pot, a skillet, and a lid, perfect for slow-cooking. The skillet can also be used as a frying pan. …

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Softub Moveable Hot Tub


Softub is the world’s most portable spa and a perfect way to relax after a stressful day. You can install it pretty much wherever you like and it’s very easy to do so since it takes only three steps and it’s lightweight. So, what do you need to know about Softub? First of all, setting it up won’t take you much time. Just roll it over to the desired location, hook everything up, fill in the …

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iPad Leather Folio


Keeping your devices protected is very important and it’s even better if you find a stylish solution. inSidegift is a small company from Russia that creates handmade leather accessories. Among their different collections, there’s one that features classy iPad Leather Folios. The iPad Leather Folio collection includes 12 different iPad and document organizers. They are different in size, style and color but there are a few things all of them have in common. First of all, each one is …

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The Vanual | A Web Manual On How To Live The VanLife

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The VanLife is something that many of us dream of but few of us ever achieve. There just seems to be something exhilarating about leaving everything behind and going on a road trip without any worries or troubles. However, the VanLife does require some work and diligence and The Vanual is a guide to help you decide if it is for you and how to achieve it. The Vanual is a website that was created …

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Persol | Scott Eastwood Collection

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Persol has been iconic sunglass designers and producers for generations already. They made a name for themselves by mixing style with comfort and creating sunglasses that augment and enhance your features while still protecting your eyes. Well, they just introduced their new generation of sunnies, the Persol Scott Eastwood Collection, and they are brilliant! When you have something that has achieved legendary status, like the Persol 649 and Cellor series’, it’s difficult to add to …

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HelioTent | The World’s First Portable Intelligent Sun Shade


With summer in full effect, there is nothing quite like spending time in the sun. We get our much needed dose of Vitamin D, we get a tan and we just look better. However, the sun delivers harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause skin cancer, sunburn and various other disorders. Finally, thanks to the HelioTent, we have the world’s first intelligent sun shade that protects your skin, this is no longer a problem. Pre-order …

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