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Coolbox Toolbox might look just like a common toolbox, but it is greatly improved, therefore it is absolutely different. While featuring everything a usual toolbox does, it has many amazing additions, which make it look truly futuristic. This storage has all the compartments that can be found in an ordinary storage; however this is not as important as the other inventive stuff it offers. Probably the first thing you will notice on this modern, rugged …

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There comes a time in every man’s life when all you need is a drainage ditch – well, perhaps not exactly a ditch, but a channel to top up your fuel, refill that oil filter or pour another critical fluid into a hard-to-reach places. That’s where PIG® Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool comes in – convenient, foldable and easy to use, this cone-shaped accessory will take care of all your funneling needs in a few easy …

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There are a few things that any wine connoisseur simply has to have in their home to fully enjoy the bliss that comes with drinking fine wine. Apart from stylish glasses, a corkscrew and a quality decanter, your wine needs to be served just at the right temperature in order to get the best out of it. The general rule of thumb is that the temperature for storing red wine ranges from 52ºF – 65ºF …

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We were all once children whose one and only concern was to be full and have fun. And, I am pretty sure that everyone at least once had the opportunity to play with LEGO bricks. Some of us liked them more, others less, and some people never actually stopped loving and playing with them, even as full-grown adults. However, an adult with such an interesting and unusual hobby, probably didn’t stop at making simple cars …

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If you ask random people to describe their personal vacation heaven, we bet that that description would include lying in a hammock on a tropical beach. Since we are big proponets of hedonism, we couldn’t help but feature yet another of those have-to-have-them hammocks – Pawleys Island Original Collection Presidential Size Polyester Rope Hammock. Quite a name for a hammock, wouldn’t you say? The name itself suggests that this one should be tried and tested. …

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Oh, we just love novel pieces of furniture! Let’s face it – the furniture world has seen and done it all so there is very little room for originality left. And this little cabinet does the furniture world proud. We are talking about Phone Booth Cabinet; a very unique way of storing your CDs and DVDs. If you have a London-themed apartment or love anything and everything British, this could be just the thing that …

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For decades on end, the world has been increasingly polluted by garbage, waste and various discarded household and industrial items, and experts have been repeatedly warning that this trend needs to be stopped before the whole planet turns into a humongous landfill that would be no good for any form of life. So, why throw away used shipping pallets if you can repurpose them? That’s probably what the Salvaged Skateboards team had in mind when …

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