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Vintage Jeep Desk | By Canett Furniture


If you’re looking for a cool piece of furniture to update your office or retro themed home, guys from Canett Furniture have something awesome to offer. Their Jeep Desk is a piece not only vintage car lovers will adore but anyone having a thing for repurposed furniture. This furniture company located in Denmark created a 130-pound desk using a recycled Jeep hood. The entire design features a worn-out pattern and raw materials. The desk was built from metal and wood, has a front …

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Victorinox Ceramic Carving Knife


If you need a sharp and reliable knife, going with ceramic knives is always a good idea. Victorinox is well known for crafting high-quality knives and if you’re a person who loves to cook and does it often than you should check out their Ceramic Carving Knife. Whether you’re carving roasted meat, deboning chicken or chopping veggies, this knife will be of great use. First of all, it’s incredibly sharp. It’s made from Zirconium Dioxide which is two …

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Kayacat | The Multipurpose Boat In A Backpack


Kickstarter has brought us many innovative ideas and technologies but we can assure you that you have never seen anything like this before. If you are a water lover, then the Kayacat is definitely something that you should own. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The Kayacat is a watercraft that truly is like nothing else in the world at the moment. Portable, easy to use and exceptionally unique. The Kayacat is not just a Kayak but …

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The Autonomous Tent | By Harry Gesner


Many of us have had that burning archaic desire to simply leave our jobs and return to the wild. Living completely off the grid, and this can be seen in the rise of modding vans for permanent road trips and a variety of other methods. However, few of us want to give up the luxuries that modern life has to offer but with The Autonomous Tent, this is no longer the case. Designed by Architect …

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Butterply | Multifunctional Plywood Desk


Having a proper desk can make your life much easier; many of us do spend a lot of time working behind our desk in anyways. By having a modular, multifunctional desk, it can greatly help you with your work load and your organizational skills. Well, that was exactly what the guys at Upscaling Operations (UPSOP) were thinking when they designed their Butterply Multifunctional Plywood Desk. Pr-eorder from Kickstarter here. What makes the Butterply unique, apart …

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Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard Concept

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We love concepts, because concepts, occasionally and often turn into reality. The concept that we decided to feature is the one and only Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard that just completely blew our minds. The designer of the Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard is a student at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea and his name is Geun Park. Geun wanted to incorporate the effortless and timeless design that the long famous watchmaker incorporates into their time …

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BonClare | Waterproof Inflatable Air Lounger Sofa


When it comes to inflatable loungers, there is quite the variety available on the market today, but when we see a definite bargain, you the reader needs to know about it. As far as bargains go, the BonClare Inflatable Lounger is definitely up there! Lightweight, easy to use and the ability to let you chill anywhere, the BonClare is definitely the way to go! The BonClare inflatable lounger is among the few unique inflatable sofas …

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Sudacas Sticotti | The Only Bookshelf You Will Ever Need


A decent bookshelf and coat rack is something that every home needs. It adds a touch of style while still emanating class and when you come across a modular book shelf like the Sudacas Sticotti Bookshelf and Coat Rack, you know that what you’re getting adds all of those elements and makes your home unique. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Modular, sleek and handcrafted with exceptional skill by trained artisans is what defines the Sticotti Bookshelf. …

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GR2 | Secret Storage Spheres


When it comes to having secret storages for small, valuable items, the best hiding places are always in plain sight where people will never expect to look. Now, for the first time ever, we have laid our eyes upon a secret storage that is not only functional but adds class and style to your desk as well. Introducing the Gr2 Secret Storage Spheres. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. As a secret storage, the Gr2 Sphere will …

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Louis Vuitton Keepall Voyager Bag


Packing for weekend trips has never been so efficient and stylish as with the Louis Vuitton Keepall Voyager Bag. This light and easy to carry bag was inspired by the classic Keepall, this time in nice grey and black details and a new fabric. Louis Vuitton Keepall Voyager Bag has a sporty and classy look and is crafted out of Monogram Eclipse canvas and Taiga cowhide leather. This go-to duffel bag is ready for compact packing and inside you …

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