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Floating Dome Made Of NYC’s Broken Umbrellas and Plastic Bottles

The Bronx River in New York is the place where you can see this amazing floating dome created by SLO Architecture Studio run by spouses Amanda Schachter and Aexander Levi. It is made of recycled umbrellas and plastic bottles. However, this is not a new idea. The same couple had already created a similar dome that was destroyed in a somewhat funny incident. Apparently, the first dome was successfully put into the river, but the …

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Glass House Solarium Made from Caramelized Sugar Panels

You never would have thought that a sweet and literally edible house could exist, unless you were Jacob or Wilhelm Grimm. Well, William Lamson not only would have, but he also designed and produced a Solarium made from caramelized sugar and glass for the Storm King Art Center’s 2012 Light and Landscape exhibit. He made 162 windows toned in yellow to brown color ranges by caramelizing sugar on different temperatures, pouring the fluid produced that way between …

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SCROOSER | Push Electric Scooter by SCROOSER Manufactory (VIDEO)

Scrooser is an electric scooter, but a cool one. Yes, there is a cool scooter out there, not all of them will make you look like you do on a Segway. This one even resembles a chopper. But the design is not the only reason why you would want one of these. The Scrooser is a perfect mixture of a scooter and a motorcycle that is made even better by its environmentally friendly nature. One …

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Vivid Sydney is a festival that transforms the entire city. Now, this can be said for most big festivals, with thousands of visitors and different programs offered that are bound to change the face of any city, but Vivid Sydney literally turns this Australian city into a canvas for creative individuals. After dark, the festival begins with its play of lights, music and various ideas. This year’s (2013) event lasts from 24 May to 10 …

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