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Is it possible that no one had come up with an idea similar to the one that spawned the JetSurf? Surfers all over the world have been searching for waves in order to be able to do what they love the most. Now the JetSurf board and its engine provide the fun of surfing wherever you might need it. Yes, the JetSurf board packs an engine. A two-stroke one, to be precise. Combined with the …

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By designing the SEIL Bag, the LED equipped backpack, a bike lover Lee Myung Su made biking around the city streets safer and more comfortable. The use of this interesting piece of equipment could not be easier, but it could mean a lot to people who cycle often. Therefore the name – SEIL: Safe, Enjoy, Interact, Light. The SEIL Backpack contains an LED that shows signals, which are started by hand using a detachable wireless …

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So, you are an adrenaline junkie, but not too fond of hot and dry climate? Or you are a cool, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure type of guy (or a girl) who would love to fight your way through snow, hale and ice in a 4×4? Say no more! We have just the thing for you – touring the extreme terrains of Iceland in Land Rovers. Well, that’s exactly what ISAK Rentals does – organizes convoy tours around …

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Modern bicycles are starting to resemble mini-space stations with all the newest gadgets you can mount on them – state-of-the-art speedometers, various sensors, Bluetooth speakers (especially made for bikes), dynamo kits, and so on. We have another one for you, but this one is a really useful little thing that can help you if you get involved in a traffic accident. Aircrafts have Black Boxes, and bicycles now have Rideye. Rideye was created by Cedric …

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‘Faces of Century’ by Jan Langer – GIFs Showing the Power of Aging

Czech news webiste Aktuálně.cz has published a set of comparative photos made by Czech photographer Jan Langer for his project „Faces of Century“ in an effort to poignantly illustrate the dramatic effects of aging. The photographs depict people in the prime of their youth (mainly in their 20s and 30s) and sets them off against the photographs taken five or six decades later. Each of these striking images comes with a caption containing the information …

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“From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes” Installation by Alex Chinneck (VIDEO)

British designer and artist Alex Chinneck created this installation that is sure to draw attention of anyone who sees it. ‘From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes’ is located at 1 Godwin Road, Cliftonville, which is a poor area, so this artwork is more than just a great visual idea. It portrays all the problems of the decaying state of the area, as the elegant and seemingly plush façade slips …

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Renault Kangoo Camper Travelpack | By OVICUO

When a re-vamped Renault Kangoo was launched in 2003, the critics called it “a remarkably spacious, highly flexible, and eminently practical people carrier”. Now, the French car maker has gone a step further by teaming up with Spanish design studio Ovicuo to reconfigure the Kangoo to suit outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts. The result is a new camper van called Kangoo Camper TravelPack. So, how did they transform the ordinary Kangoo into a mini-caravan? By …

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Rainbow Stairs in Istanbul by Huseyin Cetinel

The civil activism in Turkey is taking on a new, artistically colourful dimension. Although, street demonstrations are still very much “the weapon of choice” in this Islamic country (remember the recent protests against the development project at historical Gezi Park in Istanbul), a 64-year-old retired engineer from Turkey by the name of Huseyin Cetinel inadvertently became an overnight hero of the civil rights movement. How? By simply painting 145 steps of the street stairs that …

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‘Rituals’ – Yarn Bombing Project on the Williamsburg Bridge by HOT TEA

Although it boasts stunning views of New York City, the Williamsburg Bridge on the East River in Brooklyn is one of those long, stern, graffiti covered, menacing looking contraptions that don’t really make you smile when you look at them. So, Minneapolis based street artist HOT TEA decided to turn this around and make the walk across the bridge a jolly and fun experience by simply infusing an array of rainbow colours into it. He …

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‘It’s Good To be Here’ by Candy Chang

Remember Candy Chang’s „Before I die, I want to __________“ interactive wall mural that she made as a tribute to a loved one she lost, and which we featured not so long ago on our website? Candy is at it again! This time around, she has another self-explanatory and so brilliantly simple public art project called ‘It’s Good to Be Here’. As an artist and a graphic designer who is very enthusiastic about finding ways …

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