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Pacifico Optical Eyewear


Alain Guglielmino and Nick Guzowski are the founders of Pacifico Optical, an eyewear company inspired by the relaxed coastal lifestyle. The idea was also to create a simple and classic silhouette while keeping costs down. The sunglasses are handmade using high-quality materials like acetate frames. The acetate frames are dyed and infused by hand by Mazzucchelli, an Italian company that’s one of the most famous on the market. Besides the quality Italian engineering, the sunglasses use Zeiss lenses that …

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Weatherproof Big Sur Hammock | By Yellow Leaf Hammocks


We all know that there is nothing quite like chilling out in a hammock. Hanging mid-air, as you feel all the tension escape you. Be it for a trip to the beach, lazing around a campsite, or simply chilling out in your backyard, the Big Sur Hammock has got you covered. Being weatherproof, the Big Sur gives you year-round performance. This is done through its weathersafe and colorfast yarn that gives it exceptional durability, even …

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Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Coffee Maker


We have a great coffee maker to introduce you to if you want to treat yourself with a cold brew on hot summer days. This Kitchen Aid Cold Brew will provide you with a smooth and rich flavored cup of coffee. It’s super easy to use and clean and because of it’s size, you’ll be able to fit it easily on a kitchen counter or refrigerator. The brewer uses a built-in stainless steel tap so you can …

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GoPro Fusion | New 5.2K Spherical Camera (Video)

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GoPro has become a household name, and is used all over the world by athletes. It is also a crucial piece of gadgetry in extreme sports. Whether you want to capture that awesome skydive, slope ski, or even your free dive. Fact is, if you want to record it, you’re going to need a GoPro. However, as all technology progresses, so does GoPro, and their latest, the GoPro Fusion is definitely going to change the …

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Polar M200 GPS Sports Watch


Today, we’re talking about a new sports watch with handy features called Polar M200 GPS. It’s a waterproof running watch with an integrated wrist-based heart rate as well as a 24/7 activity tracker. Let us discuss these features more. The heart rate is measured from the wrist and all you have to do is tighten the band before working out. There’s the built-in GPS that measures your speed, distance, and the route along with the activity tracker that …

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Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Instant Camera


If you ever considered buying an instant camera then you know Fuji is the leader on the market. Today we’re talking about a hybrid camera that lets you preview and edit images before you print them. It’s called Instax Square SQ10 and comes in a cool square shape. The camera will be released for sale on 8th of May but you can pre-order it on Amazon now. Probably its best feature is a TFT color LCD monitor that …

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The Fly Fisher | The Essence and Essentials of Flyfishing


Out of all the sports out there, there is nothing quite as relaxing and rejuvenating as fly fishing. That being said, when you have hooked that fish, there are few things that are as exhilarating. To help you on your quest of catching the perfect fish, The Fly Fisher is a must-have in your knowledge repertoire. The Fly Fisher is filled with the most beautiful fishing spots, self-tied flies, and it also guides you to …

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Dry Bag Cooler | By Kawartha Outdoor


Doesn’t matter if you’re camping, if you’re just chilling with some mates, or you’re having a barbecue, you’re going to need keep those brews cold. Well, what better way than to keep them icy-cool with the Dry Bag Cooler by Kawartha Outdoor? The Dry Bag is a spectacular cooler; unique, durable, and guaranteed to keep those beers ice cold. It features a heavy-duty PVC construction that has been fortified with heat-sealed seams. It also comes …

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U-Turn Audio | Orbit Plus Turntable


When it comes to music, you get casual listeners, and then you get true audiophiles. You can always trust the advice of an audiophile; these are people whose entire lives revolve around listening to music and, of course, getting the best sound quality that there possibly is. One of the items that should be in every audiophile’s musical repertoire is the Phantom Speaker, and, of course, a turntable. Especially, the Orbit Plus Turntable. Every sound …

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Titan | Titanium Aviator Sunglasses


Fact is, you need sunglasses. It’s an essential EDC item that should never be overlooked. Apart from the obvious fact that it keeps the sun out of your eyes, and protects them, your sunglasses says a lot about you. Firstly, they show off your style. Secondly, they make you more attractive. Thirdly, because they are simply awesomeness itself. Well, if you were looking for something that is spectacularly awesome, then the Titan Titanium Aviator Sunglasses …

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