Rose Gold / Black Leather Timepiece and Chestnut Leather Anchor Bracelet | By Thread Etiquette


Everybody needs a good old classic wristwatch, not just to precisely tell time, but also to make you look more sophisticated and elegant. The Classic Rose Gold / Black Leather Timepiece by Thread Etiquette is one of those timeless minimalist pieces that just work so well on all occasions. If you pair it up with their Chestnut Leather Anchor Bracelet, the beautiful contrast of these quality items will create a stunning look. The Classic Rose …

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The Deck | Flexible Wine And Goblet Holder


If you love wine and want to show off in front of your friends, the Deck might be just the right product for you. Designed by Taiwan’s Studio Leene, this flexible wine and goblet holder is created to be useful and practical. It consists of two pieces made from recycled paper. The first piece is a wine holder that can hold up to three wine bottles at a time. The other piece is the goblet …

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Vista Tiny House | By Escape


Tiny houses are getting more and more popular these days. They save a lot of energy and space, but at the same time they’re providing more than good living conditions. This Vista Tiny House by Escape is a perfect example how living in a tiny house can be a great experience. With only 160 square feet, Vista is much smaller than some other houses by Escape, such as Traveler for example. When it comes to …

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Lems Shoes | Flat, Flexible and Featherlike Shoes

from $79.98|

Besides protective features and the looks, probably the most important thing we consider when buying shoes is the comfort. When Andrew Rademacher started making shoes in 2008 he knew almost nothing about them. Just that he wants to make shoes that fit the natural shape of feet, a “flat, flexible, and featherlike” shoe. Lems Shoes is an acronym for “live easy and minimal”. All Lems shoes provide a wider range of motion for the feet. The …

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Sherp ATV | Latest Russian ATV


If you want to conquer some of the roughest terrains, such as the ones in Siberia for example, you’re going to need a mighty all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in order to do so. The latest ATV by Sherp will definitely be able to overcome every possible obstacle on its way. This vehicle is packed with a 1498 cc Kubota V1505-t diesel engine that can produce up to 44 hp and it also has a staggering carrying …

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Overfinch Defender 40th Anniversary Edition


Recently, Land Rover announced that after many great years they are going to stop the production of probably one of the best 4×4 car ever made – The Land Rover Defender. Overfinch, the original Land Rover enhancer decided to create a special and very limited edition of the Land Rover Defender to honor this legendary model and to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Overfinch company. Unfortunately, this special edition will only feature 5 cars, …

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Mika Sihvo’s Sauna Stoke | A Mobile Sauna


Having your own sauna is cool, but having your own mobile sauna on wheels is just awesome. Mika Sihvo from Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, built a mobile sauna into his 10-foot long, 6-foot high and 6-foot wide trailer and he is now able to relax and detoxicate anywhere he wants, in another town, in his backyard with his friends or on a road trip. Mika works in a store called Sauna Stoke which is also …

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General Electric WattStation Car Charger


If you’re looking for an EVSE that will look good on your wall, has a good name and will simply exude class without breaking the bank, then the WattStation by General Electric is just the charger that you need. With ease of use included in the design, the GE WattStation uses a simple NEMA 6-50P plug for its supply (40A/240V); meaning, there’s no hardwire installation needed. You simply mount the unit on the bracket, plug …

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Amagansett Dunes House | By Bates Masi

Modern architecture has evolved so much, that we’re now seeing some extraordinary things on a regular basis. One family asked the Bates Masi Architects to build them a Dunes House in Amagansett, New York. They wanted a house “big enough for their entire family” and these creative architects met their conditions, but they added a few interesting features as well. People from Bates Masi Architects built a house at a specific angle, so the family …

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Removu P1 GoPro Live Viewer


If you’re one of the people who have adopted the GoPro technology for sharing your exclusive footage with the world, you’ll love the Removu P1 GoPro Live Viewer. This handy device connects with your GoPro LCD Backpack via Wi-Fi and allows you to control the GoPro functions and view live footage right on your wrist. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing just to adjust your camera as you can now do it remotely …

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