In this chaotic world of ours that often seems to be running up against time at a frenetic pace, it’s the small things that matter – those precious moments of joy and serenity at the end of a hard work’s day, holidays spent in the company of your family, friends and loved ones, memories of the times, places and feelings we hold dear. And if you want to preserve for an eternity those priceless fragments …

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If you are a motorcyclist, you are surely aware of how important all of the equipment is. However, the first thing that crosses anyone’s mind when talking about the motorcycle equipment is the helmet. Here on we give you the selection of our favorite motorcycle helmets. While deciding which motorcycle helmets made the list we focused on the following points: helmet safety standard, ventilation, weight, comfort and noisiness of the helmet. HJC CL-16 Having …

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Have you heard of the term cable bracelet or cabelet? Well, in the world of bracelets, this one stands out as one of the most innovative we have seen so far. Marketed under the name Kyte & Key, the Cabelet is, as you might have guessed, a bracelet that is actually a cable that charges your mobile phone. We bet that even the most seasoned gadget testers have never seen something like this around. Kyte …

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When the famous French designer Philippe Starck designs something, be it furniture, a museum, a hotel, headphones, or a chandelier, the world takes notice. This time around, it was bicycle design that Starck had decided to have a go at. Behold M.A.S.S. electric bikes, the collaborative effort of Moustache Bikes and Starck. M.A.S.S. stands for Mud, Asphalt, Sand and Snow, and it actually represents a collection of electric bicycles. The entire range is produced in …

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No wonder Nike is always a step ahead of competition. Take a look at their Lunar Force 1 High Sneakerboot in Black Elephant and you’ll know what we are talking about. If you loved the previous Sneakerboot models like the Duckboot, then you are going to love the Black Elephant with its innovative silhouette and elephant skin textured weatherproof leather upper. Due to be officially launched tomorrow, September 13, Nike Lunar Force 1 High Sneakerboot …

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If there is one company that is associated with top quality backpacks, shoulder bags, cases, and pouches, it must be Lowepro. Photographers, explorers, adventurists, hikers, film makers….Regardless of your profession, the company has a bag that will suit your needs. The one that we are featuring today – Lowepro LP36577-PWW 350AW Transit Backpack – is perfect for photographers. Fast access to your gear is guaranteed with LP36577-PWW 350AW Transit Backpack since it has a zipper …

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The Logitech K480 is the first all-round keyboard for all of your smart devices regardless of their function, size and platform. The K480 connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do to switch between the devices is turn the dial at the top left. And when I say ‘regardless of platform’, I mean it. They can be Windows, Mac or Chrome computers. If you use it for tablets or …

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There are numerous smartphone apps which learn your current speed through a GPS receiver inside your phone. Then you just place your phone atop your dashboard and, provided that the light is at the right angle and that the placement is good (i.e. the shape of your dashboard), you can see the speed projected on your windscreen. The idea of Navdy comes from a highly practical heads-up display that can be found in fighter jet planes …

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There seems to be no time for rest on the fast-paced market of photography and film-making gear – from retro-looking cameras, pricy minimalist configurations to affordable split camera designs, the art of image and video recording has reached its golden age. And now that one special, prestigious piece of gear has finally arrived to round off the years of camera development and take you to the vertiginous peaks of unbelievable footage quality and extreme equipment …

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If you need a cool-looking speaker that combines clear audio playback, surprising input versatility and maximum portability for full-range music on the go, we have just the right boombox for you – SonaVERSE BXL is here to brighten up your day with crisp-clear playback and GoGroove signature design, and it boasts a rechargeable 3.7V battery to round off the best music box you can find with such an affordable price tag ($34.99). Packed inside a …

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