They say Jesus walked on water. We say, you can do even better – go bike on water! It may sound silly, but it’s now totally feasible with Schiller X1 Water Bike. Innovative, durable and fun to ride, X1 was recently announced by the producer Schiller Sports as the exclusive water bike which will allow you to broaden your biking horizons and go cycling off the beaten track and across open waters. Consisting of a …

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Have you heard of ‘Nihonshu’? How about ‘Shu’? Or maybe ‘Seishu’? No? But you have heard of sake, the most famous (and very tasty) Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice which hails from Nara period (8th century C.E.).  Well, Nihonshu, Shu and Seishu are all different words for the same thing – sake, the drink that, just like sushi, is an integral part of the Japanese culture. If you have already tried sake, loved …

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Cocoa, herb or peanut, fresh, salted or just regular, butter is truly an essential ingredient of any wholesome breakfast. But what if your refrigerated butter slab keeps adamantly refusing to soften and cling to the slice of bread, making your breakfast routine boil down to a series of useless and tedious toast-slathering attempts? And though you can’t actually heat the whole lump every time you need a slice of your everyday bread-n-butter, there’s one smart …

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Every serious biking enthusiast knows that the most important points to bear in mind when pursuing adrenaline-pumping thrills of mountain rides are speed, comfort, stability and safety. In order to keep you well out of harm’s way on your downhill and uphill trail races, famous manufacturer of specialized biking lids, Bell Helmets has recently announced their new product dubbed Super 2R which brings together premium construction materials, groundbreaking technologies and sharp yet comfy design to …

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In our Top Electric Cars list we have already mentioned the Rimac Concept One and called it ‘probably the most-anticipated electric car’ and, should it prove to be what the manufacturer claims it will be, ‘the future of the entire industry’. So, what makes this car so special? First of all, the timing. Electric cars are very popular and almost all respectable manufacturers have at least announced their hybrid or electric models. Tesla currently rules …

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Whether you are a professional photographer or not, your (often expensive) photography equipment is surely priceless to you. Having an adequate case or a backpack to properly transport and protect your gear is a must. True to our mission to always provide useful and timely information, we have decided to save you the time and the energy usually spent on endlessly searching for the right camera backpack in a myriad of backpacks out there and …

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Ahoy there, lovers of hi-tech gadgetry and alternative transportation modes! Today we bring you another one in a series of 3D printing breakthroughs fresh on the growing global market of innovative products – and you’ll have to admit, this one is truly made to stand out from the rest of the lot. An outcome of collaboration between two Portland-based companies, Solid is the world’s first connected 3D printed bike which promises to sweep up quite …

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If you ever went camping, you know that campsite navigation can go utterly lopsided at night – you may trip on a metal stake, guy line, outdoor gear or a similar devious obstacle in the dark and even end up with serious injuries to your limbs, neck or back. Well, that’s about to change, and for the better – with StakeLight, there will be no more such would-be trip-happy hazards lurking around the campsite even …

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Let’s face it – we all mop our floors regularly, wash our cars once in a while, do our share of gardening now and then, and we even fumble around with various vessels on those rainy autumn evenings when our roofs start to leak and drip (well, at least most of us do, sometimes). Still, there’s no denying that lugging around a hefty unsightly bucket for those ’just in case I need it’ purposes does …

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If you do don’t remember to pamper your inner child every once in a while, you might end up feeling low, ragged, straight-faced and grumpy from all that dreary work, the constantly increasing lists of need-tos and have-tos, and no time to play. And as we all know, the simplest way to cheer up your inner kid and keep depression at bay is to gobble up some chocolate. But while you’re at it, you might …

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