The Floating Farmhouse In The Catskill Mountains


The Floating Farmhouse is a manor home from the 1820s, renovated with a modern touch. This 200-year-old home is nestled in the Catskill Mountains and is a result of years of work. Because of its cantilevered porch, it looks like the house floats on water in a creek located right next to it. Interesting to mention is the fact that the renovation was done with minimal impact on the environment. With this in mind, everything was built by hand and even the …

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Fjallraven Ovik Eco Shell Jacket


Autumn has just begun, which means we’re going to see a lot more rain. With a classic military style in mind, Fjallraven Ovik Eco Shell Jacket is designed to handle the rain. No matter if you’re walking the city streets or taking a hike, this timeless jacket will serve its purpose and still make you look fashionable. Fjallraven Ovik Eco Shell Jacket is great for changeable weather and persistent showers. It features durable three-layer eco-shell that’s lightweight …

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Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes


Next time you want to go hiking, check out Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX Shoes. They are rugged, extremely durable, waterproof and will provide you with an outstanding performance we’ve come to expect from Adidas. These hiking shoes will contribute to your speed, comfort, and traction. They have a ripstop upper with a synthetic overlay, created for support. The midsole is very light, features EVA cushioning and an Adiprene insert that absorbs shocks. One of the best features is definitely the …

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KampRite Double TentCot | An Elevated Double Tent


Earlier last week, we mentioned a unique sleeping bag from the Land Down Under. This time around, we are bringing you something with just as much uniquity. Introducing the KampRite Double TentCot. The KampRite is unique in the fact that it functions much like the Australian ‘Swag’, but it is also elevated off the ground. Essentially, the KampRite is both a stretcher and a tent combined into one. Needless to say, it is a phenomenal …

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Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Grappling Gloves


In recent years, we have seen a major rise in MMA. That rise gave us people like Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Needless to say, their fights were awesome. So, if you were planning on getting into MMA, then we have just the accessory that you need. Introducing Everlast’s Mixed Martial Arts Grappling Gloves. These MMA Gloves serve two purposes; firstly, they protect your hands while striking, and secondly, they serve as a buffer for …

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Grid-It Wrap For MacBook Air | Modular Case By Cocoon


We all know what an amazing piece of technology the MacBook Air is. However, we also know what a pain it is to juggle a laptop, our smartphones and other accessories. Fortunately, that is a problem of the past with the Grid-It Wrap for MacBook Air. There is no doubt that the Grid-It is the most convenient way to carry your MacBook Air and all of your accessories. The Grid-It Wrap measures in at 14.9” …

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Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro 20L Backpack


If you’re looking for a go-to backpack to take on your weekend trips, but also for camping, hiking, and cycling, check out the Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro. This 20L backpack is tough, rugged and has plenty of storage capacity that will ensure smart packing. As for its style, it combines the casual look with technical features. It uses nylon/cotton canvas shell that’s water resistant. In addition to this canvas, the bottom of the backpack is made from suede leather. Adjustable …

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ChargePoint | Home Electric Vehicle Charger


We have seen a major surge in people living sustainably. That sustainability has also carried over to the automobile industry and we are seeing more electric cars on the road than ever. If you are an electric vehicle owner, the ChargePoint Home Electric Vehicle Charger is definitely something that you have to own. The ChargePoint is definitely one of the most compact EV chargers that we have come across. To be frank, it is not …

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Feather-Lite | Rooftop Car Tent | By Front Runner


We all know that camping is awesome. However, setting up a tent, no so much. Thanks to Front Runner that is no longer an issue with their Feather-Lite Rooftop Car Tent. Essentially, the Feather-Lite is a two-man tent that is extremely easy to use. It is a definite must have camping accessory. It is extremely easy to mount as well and only requires a roof rack that is strong enough to hold the tent’s weight. …

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Baggizmo | Innovative Bag That Perfectly Fits Your EDC


Baggizmo is an easy-to-wear bag that can smartly fit your items and gadgets. Besides it being functional, the bag is very fashionable as well. You can wear it below or above your jacket, either on the left or right side. Baggizmo uses Schoeller-dynatec, an innovative material made of hard wearing fabric. It’s protective, abrasion resistant, breathable, wind and water repellent. The back of the bag uses breathable mesh material that offers ventilation and weather protection. Not only the material is high-quality but buckles …

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