NEW! goTenna Mesh | Off-Grid Community Powered Cellular Communication Device


No Service? No Problem! Now you can create your own network and stay connected with others no matter where you roam. Introducing goTenna Mesh! – the world’s first completely off-grid, mobile, consumer ready mesh network. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Whether you’re traveling overseas, spending time outdoors, attending a crowded event, or preparing for an emergency, goTenna Mesh is useful in any situation where cell service or wifi is unavailable, unreliable or unaffordable by empowering you …

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Playa Viva | Sustainable Boutique Hotel In Mexico

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Playa Viva is an environmentally friendly resort in Mexico that offers a unique outdoor experience. Its location is equally stunning- on the one side it faces the Pacific Ocean and on the other side the Sierra Madre Mountains. With a private beach, nearly 200 acres of land, different types of accommodation and experiences, this resort is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The hotel is nestled near the small village of Juluchuca, on the west …

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Burton Kilo Pack | Perfect Backpack For The Urban Commuter


When it comes to quality goods, from winter sports, to backpacks, Burton is a name that should be remembered. The Burton Kilo Pack is definitely something that should be on that list. Stylish, functional, the Kilo Pack was designed to look good as well as carry you throughout your day. From gear, to clothes, to a laptop, you can fit it all. Not to mention that it has a skateboard carrying function. The Kilo Pack …

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Gate | The World’s First All-In-One Connected Smart Lock


Safety is a major priority for most people these days. Thankfully, due to some amazing technological innovations, and the evolution of said technology, safety is becoming easier, and for lack of a better word, secure. So, if you were wondering what a state-of-the-art lock looks like, then meet Gate! Gate is easy to install, features a keypad, and, most importantly, a camera. So, prepare to have your mind blown by what just could be the …

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Cut Throat Knives X Starward | Limited Edition Bunka Style Chef Knife


We just love when two great brands team up to create an awesome product. That’s exactly the case with this Limited Edition Bunka Style Chef Knife. This quality knife is a result of a collaboration between Cut Throat Knives and Starward, an Australian whiskey distillery. The philosophy behind this collaboration was to create a high-quality knife that will incorporate the hard work and passion that both brands have in common. The result is an 8-inch blade handmade using an …

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Thursday Boot Company Premium Leather Boots


Thursday Boot Company creates high-quality footwear that’s very elegant, durable and timeless. Their philosophy is simple- each pair is hand-crafted in small batches with a commitment to comfort, quality, performance, and material. You can wear them all day long, for years to come. Let’s start with their best selling pair- the President. They use cattle premium suede together with a new hydrophobic treatment. This means the suede will retain its softness and keep you dry. Also, it ages naturally. …

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Skullcandy Barricade XL | Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Skullcandy Barricade XL is an extremely tough portable speaker that provides high-quality sound. With a badass construction, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the outdoors. But first, let’s talk about the sound. Thanks to dual 10W drivers and a large passive radiator, this speaker can create loud and clean sound. As for the design, it’s impact resistant, so you can take it pretty much anywhere with you and without fearing about dropping it. In fact, since …

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Breitling Emergency | Luxury Watch Collection


When it comes to quality in watchmaking, Breitling is definitely one of the names that you would consider. Their latest collection, the Breitling Emergency Collection comes with a variety of top-of-the-line watches that are simply glorious. The name, Breitling Emergency, comes from the fact that it is the only wristwatch in the world that comes with a built-in dual frequency Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). Apart from being able to save your life, these watches are …

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Ranger Station Candles | That Can Later Be Turned Into Whiskey Glasses


Ranger Station is a company that creates wilderness-inspired candle scents. Each one uses natural soy wax and a different mixture of essential oils and fragrances. Ranger Station Candles are hand made and poured into cool whiskey glasses you can later drink from. The idea came from the founder of the company, Steve Soderholm. He always struggled with finding the perfect scent for a candle that would represent what he loves the most. So what he did was he started …

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Apolis x Huckberry Selvage Denim Chore Coat


We’re glad to introduce you to the newest update of the Apolis Wool Chore Coat- The Selvage Denim Edition. This one is a result of an exclusive collaboration between Huckberry and Apolis. The original model was very popular, and why wouldn’t it be? It combined high-quality Italian wool and cotton and had plenty of pockets. This Huckberry-exclusive coat, on the other hand, features 11.5 oz. selvage denim construction. Denim is very durable, USA-made and comes from Cone Mills in North Carolina. …

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