Tools Gift Guide | 7 Gift Ideas For The Handyman

We’re continuing with helping you out for this year’s holiday season. Today, we’re focusing on all the handymen out there and 7 must have tools. Often, a person thinks of a tool just when there’s something that needs to be fixed. But what’s great is that once you get a high-quality tool either for yourself or as a gift, it’s gonna last almost for a lifetime. So, every time you need to get a job done, you’re covered. …

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Phaser Type 1 | Akira-Inspired Electric Motorcycle

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As we become aware of how our dependence on oil is adding to climate change, we look towards technology for answers. Thankfully, with our advancements in technology, we are getting closer to cleaner and more sustainable forms of transport. One such solution is the Phaser Type 1 by Union Motion. It looks amazingly futuristic and functions exceptionally well. However, this is just a prototype at this stage, but it gives us an insight into what …

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Yo Sperm Test | Test Your Swimmers At Home


If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for some time now, chances are that either one of you have fertility problems. However, going to a doctor to go check your swimmers can often be a painfully embarrassing process. Now, with YO Sperm Tester, you can test your little guys in the privacy of your own home. Simple to use and efficient, the YO only requires your smartphone to function. It also allows …

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Leopard | Full Face Snorkeling Mask


For eons, man has had a deep and intrinsic connection with the ocean. The ocean spells tales of mystery and intrigue to the curious human mind. We also know that below the waves, there lies a completely different world and it warrants discovery. Now, you can have the ability to discover those underwater worlds with the Leopard Full Face Snorkeling Mask. Expertly crafted for optimal comfort and superb viewing pleasure, the Leopard was designed for …

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Gift Guide | 7 Everyday Carry (EDC) Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year when we’re thinking of buying presents and wondering what’s the best item to get for our loved ones. Just like last year, we decided to do a series of gift guides in order to make this task an easier and more productive experience for you. For the first one, we’re going with EDC items (Every Day Carry). So, check our list and stop wasting time: 1 – Horween Leather Timex Chronograph …

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Lamborghini X Ixoost | Esavox Sound System


If you’re as much of a Lamborghini lover as we are, then you are going to be amazed by this sound system. Essentially a collaboration between Lamborghini and Ixoost, the Esavox Sound System brings you timeless Lamborghini design with super sound. Constructed with a stock Automobili Lamborghini exhaust and follows the same graceful, yet, powerful curves of Lamborghini’s design. Besides, this sound system is as much a show piece as it is a speaker system. …

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Topo Designs X Woolrich | Klettersack


Topo Designs has long been known for their excellent quality and style when it comes to backpacks. Now, they have teamed up with Woolrich, that is well known for their amazing comfort. So, if you were looking for a stylish backpack that doesn’t compromise on comfort, look no further. Introducing the Topo Designs X Woolrich Klettersack. Reaching the ultimate in comfort whilst striving for excellent functionality in the Urban environment, the Klettersack delivers on the money. …

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Timahawk | Multitool Survival Axe


We all know that if there is one necessity that you absolutely need for camping or in your bug out bag, it’s an axe. Be it that you are simply going on a camping trip, or that you simply need a decent axe for these winter months, we have just what you need. It’s not just an axe though, but we are proud to introduce the Timahawk Survival Axe. Essentially, the Timahawk is, as the …

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BMW R75/5 Nerboruta Custom | By South Garage

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We all know that when it comes to motorcycle customization, it’s either a total hit or a total miss. There really is no common ground. Well, when it comes to a total hit, we are pleased to say that the BMW R75/5 Nerboruta by South Garage is definitely what we are looking for. ‘Nerboruta’ is the term that is used when describing something muscular and powerful. That also perfectly describes this BMW R75/5. Customized from …

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The Godfather Notebook | Coppola’s Original Notebook


The Godfather is largely regarded to be one of the best films that have ever been created. Following the intrinsic and complex lives of those caught in the Mafioso, it is no wonder that this movie became an instant blockbuster. Now, for the first time ever, you can see Francis Ford Coppola’s notes. Featuring The Godfather Notebook. For those that don’t know, Francis Ford Coppola is the man who wrote and directed The Godfather. The …

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