Troubadour Day Bag


Investing in a great quality bag that will serve you a lifetime is the smartest choice you can make. Troubadour Day Bag is very tough and super-cozy to wear and the best part is that you can take it anywhere with you- to the gym, when you go out of town or on a short weekend trip. Troubadour Day Bag is handcrafted in Italy out of high-quality materials- 100% natural, vegetable-tanned leather and sturdy cotton canvas lining. The quality …

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Velomacchi | Vintage-Inspired Speedway Gloves


Be it simply for cruising on your bike or be it for racing, you are going to need a proper pair of motorcycle gloves. And, when it comes to racing, you’re not going to get any better in both quality and style than the Velomacchi Speedway Gloves. Inspired by the vintage look that was apparent in the 60’s and 70’s with the buttery softness of deerskin leather, the Velomacchi Speedway Gloves were designed to make …

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Cabin Knapphullet In Norway Constructed In Natural Rock Formation

Norwegian studio Lund Hagem designed Cabin Knapphullet, a beautiful Sandefjord seaside home surrounded by natural rock formations and dense vegetation. The building is quite small, 30 m2, but vertically has three levels- the basement, the ground floor level and the roof. The architects wanted to maximize the use of natural shelter but also to provide a magnificent view of the sea. The way they achieved that is by creating a roof that can be easily accessed. …

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Sony Glass Sound Speaker


Sony has developed a very elegant wireless speaker that creates an atmosphere with its soft light and powerful sound. With 360-degree sound stage, Sony Glass Sound Speaker fills an entire room with sound, so no matter where you’re located, it will seem like the music plays right in front of you. The advanced vertical drive technology is what provides clear and realistic sound. Also, the speakers feature a powerful built-in 2-inch woofer, deep bass frequencies and …

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Kisslink Router | Never Worry About Your WiFi Password Again


We all know what a pain WiFi passwords can be; if you change your router password from its default, chances are that you’ve probably forgotten what it is. Unfortunately, with both our mobile devices and PC’s running Windows 10, they don’t display your current password and to get it again is quite the hassle. Fortunately for us, this is no longer the case with the Kisslink Router by KeeWiFi. The Kisslink makes life all the …

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Fahouse | By Jean Verville

We are thrilled to show you another beautiful house nestled in a forest, looking almost like it’s coming from a fairytale. Fahouse is designed by Jean Verville and is located in Quebec, Canada. With its double triangular prism, Fahouse is nothing like a traditional house. From one side it looks like two separate houses and from the other is where you see them as one. The owners, a young couple with two kids, worked together with the architect …

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Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios

Renting work spaces and studios for artists can get very pricey when you live in bigger and more popular cities. Minima Moralia believes that creativity should have nothing to with social status so they constructed tiny, Pop-up Studios that can be used by designers, musicians, or any other type of artists. Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios were exhibited during the London Festival of Architecture and each one was occupied by an artist. Studios are very minimalistic and …

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Hasselblad X DJI | A5D-M600 Collaboration Drone


The world of drones has changed drastically in the last few years and we are all familiar with the impressive drones that DJI has produced and with the high-tech digital and film cameras that Hasselblad has brought us. Well, finally, Hasselblad and DJI has brought us their latest and greatest collaboration, the A5D-M600 Drone. The A5D-M600 brings us the best of both worlds since it features Hasselblad’s A5D camera and DJI’s M600 drone which essentially …

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Intex Explorer 200 | Ultra-Cheap Inflatable Dinghy


Since time immemorial, man has always had an affinity for aquatics; there is something rejuvenating and sublimely relaxing be in or around a body of water. With the invention of boats, and dinghy’s, we were able to traverse the world and experience new sights. As technology progresses, things are becoming smarter, cheaper and more efficient and that is exactly what can be said for the Intex Explorer 200. The Explorer 200 is a fully functional …

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Moonlight Cabin | By Jackson Clements Burrows

Continuing with perfect retreats, we present you the Moonlight Cabin, a small getaway located on the coast of the Australian state of Victoria. The cabin is designed for a couple with two kids by Melbourne-based architects Jackson Clements Burrows. With just 60m2 this cabin will minimize energy use and maximize the space. “The cabin is an escape from the intensity of an urban environment, but in a landscape of familiarity for a parent who sees the land as an important …

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